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Academic Staff Assembly

No description

Tracy Arneson-Baker

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Academic Staff Assembly

What committees does Assembly consist of and how many members are required on each?
The Assembly also has the authority, through its By-Laws, to add committees or establish temporary task forces or working groups.
What is the function of the
Academic Staff Assembly?
Established by WI-State statute (chapter 36.09((4m)).

Its primary purpose is to represent academic staff on issues concerning the University.

By initiating procedures and providing feedback on relevant topics, the Academic Staff Assembly serves as a voice for all academic staff in the decision-making process.
What are some examples of the relevant policies and procedures the Assembly reviews?
Assembly is a part of the UW-W governance structure. As such, it is consulted in advance of new policies and initiatives. Assembly members, on behalf of all academic staff, have the opportunity to offer feedback on a variety of issues. Recent issues include:

1. standardization of class timetable
2. adoption of the Essential Learning Outcomes
3. campus master planning initiative
Who makes up the elected body?
The Academic Staff Assembly is:
a 13-member group
made up of 6 instructional and 6 non-instructional staff
The remaining member, the Chair of the Assembly, may be from either instructional or non-instructional ranks
All members must hold at least a 50% appointment
When a relevant policy or procedure is reviewed, what is the next step?
What happens to issues after they are presented
to Assembly varies depending on the issue.
In many cases, feedback from Academic Staff Assembly, Faculty Senate, University Staff Council, and Whitewater Student Government is incorporated into the final product.
How can the work of the Academic Staff Assembly benefit me as an instructional or non-instructional staff member of UW-W?
Assembly is the link between University administration and academic staff
They are the voice of the staff and the sounding board of the administration
They work to ensure the contributions of academic staff are recognized and valued
Assembly promotes excellence in teaching, research, service, outreach and engagement
Academic Staff Assembly Q&A
What types of decisions do Assembly members make or contribute to?
Academic Staff Assembly is part of the UW-Whitewater governance structure and the UW System governance. In this role, Assembly is asked for feedback on a variety of policies and initiatives. Assembly is often asked to provide members to sit on committees with far-reaching campus and/or system development.

Members of the UW-Whitewater Assembly have also been involved in the development of the Human Resources System for the UW-System, which is scheduled for implementation July 1, 2015.
How can I join the
Academic Staff Assembly?
The Academic Staff Assembly is an

body, representing instructional and
non-instructional academic staff on the
UW-Whitewater campus.
How are representatives elected?
Elections are held every
Spring, generally in April
. Prior to elections, a call for nominations is sent out to all academic staff. Staff may nominate themselves or a colleague to run for election.
What are the terms for serving on Assembly? What is the time commitment?
Academic Staff Assembly members serve a
two-year term
. During their term, members are expected to
attend bi-weekly meetings
of the Assembly
(generally an hour each meeting)
In addition, Assembly members may be asked to
serve on Assembly standing committees or represent the Assembly at University or College level committees
Can academic staff serve on a committee without serving directly on Assembly?
The Academic Staff Assembly has a number of standing committees that do incredibly important work such as:
assigning position titles
working with local government leaders
choosing award recipients

While all of these committees are chaired by an Assembly member, the rest of the committee is made up of academic staff members.
What would my responsibilities be as a member of the
Academic Staff Assembly?
The general Assembly meets
twice a month for approximately one hour

In addition to attending Assembly meetings, members are expected to
maintain an open dialogue with their “constituents”
(other UW-W academic staff) to both share information and gather feedback on campus policies, events, and initiatives.
What is it?
Academic Staff Assembly ("Assembly") = the governance body that represents instructional and non-instructional academic staff in the University decision-making process

Assembly is the voice of academic staff
What's in it for me?
1. Member
2. Volunteer
Provides an opportunity to participate in governance and policy development at the University
Assembly has a voice in creating a better campus and a better work environment
How will I benefit Assembly?
The hands of many makes work light

New members bring:
- fresh ideas to the table
- a unique perspective
- a unique set of experiences

Strength of our governance comes from diversity!
How much time will it take?
It is all up to you!
You can seek election to represent your constituents
You can volunteer for committees, task forces, or working groups
You can attend events and forums sponsored by Assembly to help support the mission
The more people involved in governance,
the better governance is!
There are
11 standing committees
Each chaired by an Assembly member
The membership of each committee varies.
Most are made up of 4-6 members
, with an equal number being instructional and non-instructional staff.
Some have term limits
Members from Assembly are part of:
the Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee
the Campus Master Planning Committee
the University Technology Committee
Spring nomination period
Any academic staff holding a 50% appointment may ask to be included on election ballot
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