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Orca (AKA Killer Whale

No description

Senan k

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Orca (AKA Killer Whale

Orca (Killer Whale)
Presented, edited and made by Senan Kuruppu (AKA Patrick Fisher) and Jacob Wickens (AKA Oscar Fisher)
Hi I'm Patrick!
And I'm Oscar and we're here to teach you about Orca's, or at least try to.
General Classification
Physical Appearance
The Orca is known in many names like the Killer Whale,Orca Whale and the Black Fish. The Orca is a toothed whale that belongs to the dolphin family, it is also the biggest member of the dolphin family.
Wow Oscar I never thought people had so many names for us.
Yeah, your right Patrick. I mean what type of name is the 'Blackfish'? We're not even fully black!
The Orca consists of 4 main body parts, and weighs up to a whopping ten Tonnes!
Interesting fact: The Orca is about 200 times heavier than the average human!!!
If you haven’t figured this out, we swim in water, we move through the water by swaying our strong tail flukes up and down continuously.
Interesting fact:
Orca's can swim at a top speed of 48 kph!
Orcas inhabit all oceans of the world, but specifically like to be around water of 11 degrees celsius.
Orcas eat almost anything in the sea, their hunting technique: Echolocation, means that they can track supersonic waves from within their body, revealing the size, shape and location of their prey. here are some of the orcas diet. Did we mention that Orcas are cannibals.
Sea Lions
Orcas eat 228 kilograms of food a day!!!
Orcas don't actually have any proper predators, however, there have been sightings of sharks attacking Orcas.
Below are some of the Orca Whales adaptations
Orca's agility and speed in the water help them to catch their unfortunate prey, their bodies are streamlined, making them perfect for swimming.
An Orca Whales body contains so much fat and muscle that they can survive effortlessly in the Antarctic. How else would they weigh up to 10 tonnes?
The color pattern of orcas may help them sneak up on and attack their prey. Their backs are all black, their stomachs are white. Animals looking down on an orca from above, such as a seal on an ice berg, might not see it because the whale's dark back blends with the water below.
But animals looking from below might not see it, because their stomach is white, the light being reflected blends in with the Orca.
Orca calves are born in the water. Female Orcas give birth to a calf every 3-5 years. Orca calves weight is usually 180 kilograms!!! Killer Whales are also Polygamous (they mate with several partners).

We hope you enjoyed our multimedia presentation, and have gained so much information about Killer Whales. Didn't you love seeing those 4cm teeth? You probably didn't want to learn about reproduction, well most people wouldn't. So anyway thanks for sparing your time and closely observing this presentation, and again we hoped you like it!!!
Thanks to:
Mrs Chisholm for organising this fun task
Mrs Beck for also organising this fun task
All classmates for watching
Prezi.com for their wonderful support and inspiration
As we said before this was an extremely fun task and we hope to do one again in the future, but for now, I think we all should take a breather.
Song by Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata "Pathetique" Op. 13 - III. Rondo. Allegro
Ludwig Van Beethoven for his amazing piano abilities. Song: Beethoven: Sonata "Pathetique" Op. 13 - III. Rondo. Allegro
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