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What is your learning style?

Learn about what learning style you're mind is dominated by. This can be useful in determining how to study.


on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of What is your learning style?

How does your learning style affect the way you learn? Study habits
test taking
class work Visual You learn best by seeing what is being
taught. You prefer images such as graphs
and presentations.

use diagrams
mind maps
word webs
graphic organizers
modeling Your main stregnth suggests your are most
efficient at learning through that style. Most people have two main learning styles. Your second strongest suggest you can combine it with any other area to show better results.

Copy all the recommended strategies, even if it is not one that benefits your learning type. remember your learning style(s).

I will give you some strategies to
use when you study based on your
learng style. Highlight your top 2 score sections.

Use the back of the worksheet to take any notes... Remember to... Go to edutopia.org Notes What is Your learning style? Visual Learner: Learns by seeing Auditory Learner: Learns by hearing Kinesthetic Learner: Learns by doing In the search bar type "learning style" Click on the second link that says "What is
your learning style." 1 Write your results on the worksheet!
2 You have 2 minutes to finnish
3 Then return to your seats Lets discuss YOUR results You learn best through hearing the information. Sometimes its best to have the instructions read aloud to you. Verbal repetitions are a good way to memorize for you.

Take notes
read instructions carefully (out loud if needed)
discussions on topic
read aloud
take breaks after silent readings
(auditory learners usually read slower)
videos can be helpful (combines visuals) Auditory Kinesthetic You learn best through manipulating items and simulations. You enjoy learning from experimenting and like varying activities.

hands-on activities
role-play or acting out
small group discussions
field trips
build or construct projects
involve body motion Things you should have learned:
your dominant learning style
strategies and tips for your learning style
ideas for studying Presentation created
Mr. S Thanks!
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