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Ian Animals of the Rain Forest

No description


on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Ian Animals of the Rain Forest

Animals of the Rainforest
Poison Dart Frog
By: Ian
3rd Grade
Ms.Lisa's Class
Interesting Facts

They have sticky pads
to stick to slippery branches.

They are one of the most
poisonous animals in the world.

They lay eggs on land then the female
takes them to water on their backs.

The colors warn other animals that
they are poisonous.

The male is bigger than the female.

There are more than 175 types of Poison
Dart Frogs.

The scientific name of the Poison Dart Frog
family is called dendrobatidae.

Their poison is all around their skin.

Their colors have a pattern of colors black
yellow ect ect...
Interdependence With Limited Resources

The rainforest is an interdependent
ecosystem with limited resources. My rainforest creature,Poison Dart Frog,
depend on other living things for it's survival.

I depend on bugs because they are my

I depend on tree's because they are my

Snakes depend on me because they are my predator.

The Poison Dart Frog measures half an inch
.Their colors are blue in the legs , yellow and black in the back.

They have sticky pads. the biggest poison dart Frog 1 inch and a half.

Their fatal poison on their skin
help's him protect.

The Poison Dart Frog adapted to live in the rainforest.

They adapted their sticky pads
for climbing tree's.

Fast to escape from snakes
that resist the poison

Colors to warn animals that they are poisonous
Creatures name and description
The End
How your Animal is Endangered

My Poison Dart Frog Is endangered
because the deforestation because they are destroying their homes.They are also endangered for the pollution of the earth.
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