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BhagatSingh Atwal

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Google

CEO & Co-Founder: Larry Page
leads product development & technology strategy
ex. creation of Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7
Chairman: Eric E. Schmidt
responsible for building partnerships, expanding business relations (other companies, government)
Directors: John Doerr & Diane B. Greene
Head Office: Googleplex
corporate headquarter complex of Google
contains 2 million square feet of office space
Features comfortable office space, swimming pools, idea board canvas, luxurious lounges, volley ball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, three free meals every day, kid’s playroom for employee’s children, a massage room
Auditing Firm: Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young
offers financial and accounting services all around the world
positive feedback towards Google
"Headed towards an exciting future with many possibilities"
Company Profile
found in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergei Bri
great profit from advertisements
have created 10 objectives which they re visit to assure they are still accurate
"Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful"
Products & Services
Google Nexus provides phones and tablets
Google provides free products also seen as apps like:
Google image search, maps, news, videos, translator
Google has also created a car that drives on its own
useful services like, Gmail, Google Chrome, Adsense , Google Docs, Youtube
Financial Analysis
Increase in inventory & other assets (2000%)
expanding (virtually, and physically)
Increase in revenue, selling expense, and operating expense (approx. 100% in total)
indicates more profit
Accounts payable is only 10%
cash is at 13%
Total liabilities is only 20%
80% owner's equity
Why should you invest?
generated $4.3 billion in cash flow in the latest quarter
more than $12 billion in cash (year 2013)
more than twice as much cash as Facebook has revenue
Market Dominance
primary power source is its extremely popular search business
60% market share
large number of advertisers have built their marketing campaigns around Google’s search engine
= more income & greater profit
" a sustainable edge over the competition, and culture of innovation" -
Google has wrested global market share for search from Yahoo! and Microsoft's MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and Bing

focused corporation that makes their money out of advertising
Liabilities have always been low, and easy to pay off
In 2012, Google hit $50 billion in revenues
Google dominates the US online advertising market, which grew by 14.9% to $10.58 billion in 2012
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