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Someone Named Eva

No description

Laura Cody

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Someone Named Eva

Someone Named Eva
Joan M. Wolf
Historical Fiction
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Milada, a young Czechoslovakian girl, lives in the village of Lidice. She doesn't understand at first when the Nazi soldiers came to her house, separating Milada, her mother, her younger sister Anechka and her grandmother. Her father and her older brother, Jaro, are separated from the rest of the family, and taken elsewhere.
Milada, her mother, grandmother and Anechka are held together with the rest of the female inhabitants of Lidice in a school building.
Eva's mother
Anechka Eva's sister
Eva's grandma
Eva's brother Jaro
Eva's father
Once judged sufficiently trained, she is adopted by a German family from Fürstenberg near [Berlin]. The Werner family is composed of Vater, (father in German) who is a high official at the Nazi government, Mutter (mother), and Elsbeth and Peter, her [adoptive sister and brother]. While there, she notices a horrible smell that penetrates the house most of the time. She later learns that that smell is from the bodies being burnt in the Ravensbruck camp, where Vater works at.
By April 1945, the Nazis are losing on all the war fronts and Berlin is encircled by the Russian troops. Vater and Peter decide to go hiding and separates from the rest of the family, while Mutter, Elsbeth and Eva move to a shelter made in the [basement] to protect themselves. In May, Soviet troops come and ask for the documents left by Vater in his office, but Mutter tells them that she is not aware of anything. They leave without causing any harm to the family, but having tore apart the house inside, and taking everything in Vater's office.
A few days later, Hitler is declared dead and the war is over. Will she get back to her family read the book to find out.

I would recommend this book to boys and girls in 6 grade through 10th grade.
Lane Bowls says ''This is a great book about a girl who is
not afraid of anything except who she is going to be in the future.''
Avery says ''I’m in the middle off reading it, and i can’t seat it down! It’s a very good book. I wish I Joan Wolf would write another book just like!''
Ainsley Walter says ''I love this book. It was a great book. I could barley put it down.''
Some parts where sad
Other parts where shocking
Different parts where heartwarming
It was frightening to thing of what they did to people
It was a page turner
She is tested by doctors there who measure her nose, eyes and color of her hair. With her "perfect" features and blonde hair, Milada fits the [the perfect German girl] .She is sent to a center outside of Pucshkau, Poland, along with one of her classmates and several Polish girls. She is separated from her family. While in the center, Milada is renamed Eva and the other girls are renamed too. The camp is brutal. As hard as she works to remember, she forgets a little about herself in the process. She spends two years around other girls including Siegrid, Elsa, Gerde, Leisel, and Franziska. Elsa had to leave with her younger sister Heidi.
One day, as she is walking back to the house after a picnic with Elsbeth, Eva hears the Czech anthem being sung. Coming closer, she discovers a concentration camp with female prisoners. This brings back memories, enabling Milada to see clearly who she really is. Elsbeth explains to her that this is the Ravensbruck concentration camp, and that her Vater is the head of the camp.
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