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NCHE Performance Task

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tweedledee223 Lyn

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of NCHE Performance Task

By Hanna Lynch NCHE Performance Task The Task Rank the 4 events- The Louisiana Purchase, The War of 1812, The Monroe Doctrine, and The American Industrial Revolution of 1800- from 1-4 (1 being the highest). Focus on:
Physical and cultural factors shape regional and national identities
Territorial expansion may cause social, political and economic change
Unresolved conflicts may result in war
Technological change may bring about social, political and economic change Rankings 1. Louisiana Purchase

2. War of 1812

3. American Industrial Revolution of 1800

4. Monroe Doctrine The Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana Purchase most impacted the building of America's identity. According to the Louisiana Purchase Cornell Notes, "The Purchase DOUBLED the size of the United States." Now, that may not sound like it has any importance in America's identity, but it does. The bigger size gave people more supplies and natural resources to expand their colonies. Also, the Cornell Notes say The Louisiana Purchase allowed them to control the admission of new states and gave them access to the Mississippi River system, which would help them in the long run. The War of 1812 The War of 1812 influenced the building of America's identity, but not as much as The Louisiana Purchase. According to the War of 1812 Cornell Notes, a cause leading to the War was territorial disputes between The United States and Great Britain (they were fighting over land). Effects of the War was that the borders established treaties and the European nations gained respect for the US. James Madison was president at this time and when the British invaded Washington D.C., he fled to Virginia. The British also attacked Fort McHenry and the only light was given off by the exploding shells over the Fort, which gave proof that the flag was still over the Fort. American Industrial Revolution of 1800 The American Industrial Revolution of 1800 impacted the building of America's identity less than the War of 1812 and The Louisiana Purchase. According to the Inventions and New Technologies Cornell Notes, the Cotton Gin was made in 1794 by Eli Whitney and it increased the the production of cotton, thus, increased the slave labor to tend to and pick the cotton. The Reaper was made in 1831 by Jo Anderson (a slave) and Cyrus McCormick, increasing the productivity of the American farmer. The Steamboat was made in 1807 by Robert Fulton and eventually provided for faster transportation. The Steam Locomotive and Erie Canal were also made in that time period and all of these inventions helped the people of the US build their country. The Monroe Doctrine The Monroe Doctrine least influenced the building of America's identity. According to The Monroe Doctrine Cornell Notes, The Monroe Doctrine states, "U.S. would not interfere with any existing European colonies in the Americas." That means, the US would not bother the Europeans that are in America. It also states, "U.S. would not allow any new colonies." Some causes of The Monroe Doctrine were that the U.S. supported democratic government and their desire to keep Europeans out of the countries in the Western Hemisphere. Some effects of The Doctrine were Europe's loss of colonies in the Americas and the development of a protective relationship toward the newly independent countries of the Western Hemisphere. In Conclusion... So in conclusion, the 4 events- War of 1812, The Louisiana Purchase, The Monroe Doctrine, and The American Industrial Revolution of 1800- were ranked in this order:
Louisiana Purchase
War of 1812
American Industrial Revolution of 1800
Monroe Doctrine
This order was chosen because The Purchase doubled the size of the US and increased geographical knowledge, The War gained respect from the Europeans and we won the attack on Fort McHenry, The Industrial Revolution was when all of the inventions were made to help farmers and expand transportation routes, and The Doctrine got rid of all of the Europeans in the Americas. In Conclusion... (cont.) These have all helped build America's identity, but each a little less than the latter. Although only one event may seem to be the greatest influence on America's identity, they all had a very important part in the process. This has been a presentation to The NCHE Thanks for watching!
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