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The Heaven Shop

No description

Marie-Eve Lessard

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of The Heaven Shop

The Heaven Shop The book Myths about AIDS Author -From Cochrane, Ontario
-Anti-war activist
-Writes about themes of issues of interest to women such as peace education and equality in society nationally and internationally.
-Advocates for women and children’s rights Proceeds are donated to UNICEF History of AIDS
in Canada History of AIDS crisis in Malawi 1)Breathing the same air as someone who is HIV-positive will not cause infection.

2)Hugging, kissing, or shaking hands with someone who is HIV-positive will not cause infection. 3)Touching any object, or eating from the same plates/utensils as someone who is HIV-positive will not cause infection. 5)Not all HIV positive mothers pass it on to their babies. According to the South African National AIDS Council, approximately 1 in 3 babies born from an HIV positive mother become infected. However, HIV can also be passed on through breast milk. Written in 2004 Issues and themes Family
Education. AIDS is not a death sentence. Canadians are living longer with the help of a long-term drug plans. Unfortunately these drugs can be very pricy, making it difficult for minority based groups to attain. Note 1982 --> the first diagnosed case of AIDS appeared in Canada.

21, 000 deaths due to AIDS in Canada since, and the number is growing.

The homosexual male population and blood transfusions were attributed to spreading AIDS. Success Stories Mother- to – Child transmission of HIV has been virtually eliminated The progress of the epidemic has been slowed in injecting drug users. Treatment advancements have been made, making it more likely to live a full and active life. The downside being they are very expensive Public Awareness to decrease ignorance about HIV/AIDS has increased to tackle people’s stereotypes and the social stigma associated with having this disease Almost one million people in Malawi are living with HIV.

Major factor in the country’s low life expectancy. Timeline 1985 --> Malawi's first reported AIDS case
1988 --> the government created the National AIDS Control Programme to educate about AIDS and do prevention.
1964-1994--> Ruling of President Hastings Banda during which little attention was paid to the escalating AIDS crisis.
1994 --> President Bakili Muluzi took office. He acknowledged that the country was undergoing a severe AIDS epidemic.

• 2000 --> Rapid blood testing for HIV was introduced in Malawi.
2002 --> Malawi suffered its worst food crisis for over fifty years, with HIV recognized as one of the factors that contributed most significantly to the famine.
2003 --> Antiretroviral drugs were first made available through the public sector.
2004 --> Election of President Bingu Wa Mutharika, who launched a policy to improve prevention, treatment, care and support services.
--> Only 13,000 Malawians infected with HIV were receiving antiretroviral therapy. -Around 60% of adults living with HIV in Malawi are female aged between 13 and 24.

-Distribution of drugs: Hindered by financial constraint and by the low number of health care workers available.

-International donors are very important for the cause --> US, UK, Canada, Norway and the European Union Some Facts -Malawi has just one doctor per 50,000 people
-Four nurses are lost to HIV and AIDS related illness every month.
-HIV is still a taboo subject in many communities within Malawi and discrimination is common.
-Economy isn’t going well, and AIDS makes it even worse because people who are sick can’t work, and those who take care of them can’t neither. This contributed to poverty and malnourishment. 4)Having sex with a virgin girl will not cure HIV/AIDS. Enjoy your reading!
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