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Surveillance Detection Software

No description

ammari nader

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of Surveillance Detection Software

Description and implementation of the 5 modules
Description of the software
Surveillance scanner Software

Supervised by: Gustaf Bjorksten
Directed by : Nader Ammari

How does it works together ?
Use case diagram
why this project exactly ?
what is the problem that should be resolved during this project ?
Tor proxy
is one of the most powerful tools that can protect the identity of any one on the network But we found that
so many web servers
are blocking Tor access in order to force the user to give them his identity and to extract so many information about him .

Work requested during this project
we have to develop a scanning software that can check a very large number of websites
to see if this form of ”subtle
surveillance” of blocking Tor at the webserver has been implemented or not and give us a
full report
about them .
The structure of the software
The software will be
composed by 5

each part of the project is responsible for ensuring
the processing of
small task
that will serve other parts in order to get the full results
The request generator (Curl-lib/php )
Proxies list generator (Python )
Queries comparator module (Ruby/bash)
The Port scanning module(python-nmap)
The statistical map module(Gmap API/javascript/GeobyIP webservice )
The 5 main modules in the software are :
The request generator module
it is the part responsible for generating all the queries
to develop this module
it will generate tow types of http queries :
Queries that passes through tor network
Queries that passes through the normal network
Proxies list generator
it’s generating the
list of proxies
that will be used later by asking some web server provider for it in every time we need a new proxy .

to develop this module
why ? : we have to make this tool
on the network during the scan . (so they will think that the trafic is coming
from many different sources
Queries comparator module
This modules will
the results of the two queries to figure out if not
TOR was blocked or not
to develop this module

The Nmap scanning module
in order to know what proxy we have to use
to develop this module
we scan the port 443 in the server (if it's open so we use https else we use http )
The statistical map module
This module will generate the map that shows us the
location of the discovered
web sites .

Google map API
Geo web services
to develop this module
with TOR

without TOR
target to scan
Web list to scan
Proxies list
Queries comparator
map module
Nmap module
25000 websites
to be scanned
after 87 hours we found more then
120 website
that blocks tor
Questions ?
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