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Tundras and Tropical Ocean

Biology 2nd Henderson

Devin Sadler

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Tundras and Tropical Ocean

Tundras and Tropical Oceans Tropical Oceans The Tropical Oceans have a persistent temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit year round,heavy rains are the norm in the equatorial region. As the seawater evaporates into the air to form storms. Plants Coral Reefs
Red Coralline
Kelp Animals Clown Anemonefish
Blue Marlin
Great Barracuda
Shipjack Tuna
Dungong Adaptations of animals in the Tropical Ocean Animals adapt to live in their environment they adapt like finding better food, and learning ways to protect themselves like Camouflage Symbiotic Relationships Mutualism:the pilot fish eats off shark's teeth so they get a free meal and the shark gets cleaned
Commensalism: barnacles ride on whales to ride north
Parasitism:intestinal worms live in whales and eat intestines and the whales slowly die Tundras Climate Cold, Windy, Scant Animals

Mountain Goat
Birds Plants

Pine Trees
Spruce Trees Adaptation are thick fur Symbiotic relationship Mutualism:reindeer&lichen work together to work functions
Commensalism:the barren ground caribou and artic fox the fox follows the caribou who removes the snow covering to get lichens under the soil for the fox to hunt and eat
Parasitism:liver tape worms cysts and cause malnourishment on various animlas in the forest
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