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not the ones on the beach

Bruce Wayne

on 12 April 2012

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Transcript of Crabs

Think you have CRABS? What are
anyway? CRABS STD Lice "Sexually Transmitted Disease" Singular: Louse A small Blood-sucking insect Can also be transmitted by
hair on top of the head,
bedding, towels or clothing Lays sticky eggs "nits" How do I know if I have it? SYMPTOMS Itching Blue-grey marks Especially at night On thigh or pubic area Grey or tan insects,
white eggs What should I do if I have it? Get your partner tested, too and wash all of your clothes
and sheets How did this even happen? Don't be fooled by outward
appearance! ANYONE can get
crabs! According to 1999 WHO estimates, 340 million new cases of curable STIs (syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis) occur annually throughout the world in adults aged 15-49 years Make sure you wash
with hot water! Otherwise the lice
may survive! As for your treatment... It's not painful-
Don't worry! All you need to do is get medicated
shampoo and wash yourself! This can be obtained at any drug store! But don't just wash once!
Treat yourself again 7-9 days later to
make sure it worked! Treatment for one person costs approx. $50 Where can I get tested? Any gynecologist can examine
you for pubic lice The nearest gynecologist to Conception Bay South can be found at: Mount Pearl Medical Centre
12 St. Davids Av
Mount Pearl, NL
(709) 368 8381
Even if you used a condom, pubic
lice can still be spread if it does not
cover the entire pubic area! How can I prevent it
in the future? Wear a condom! Limit sexual contact! Remain in a monogamous relationship! Credits! Information:
Images from
(Axis Powers Hetalia)
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