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Capgemini’s iUNIFY...OUM Industrialized

Oracle Unified Method + Capgemini's Enablers...unified

Rich Miller

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Capgemini’s iUNIFY...OUM Industrialized

...industrialized & unified Capgemini’s iUNIFY Today we have a choice in how we run ERP projects... The traditional way ...using the waterfall approach...which we have been doing for well over a decade... ...OR...the Iterative approach using Oracle Unified Method...
OUM... But why change? Because projects are RISKIER
than we knew. The average IT project budget overrun was 27% in the 2011 study one in six projects had a cost overrun of 200% on average and a schedule overrun of almost 70% The true cost of most projects is more than their budgeted amount due to impact upon individual careers, opportunity costs and overall company performance Reducing the risk of IT project budget & schedule overruns

to MAXIMIZE the effectiveness of your spend! Capgemini's iUNIFY is designed to better control the project and reduce risk of unplanned impacts upon budget and time... ...by specifically addressing the 5 key ways to control a project...better than before... What are the 5 key ways?
See Perry Rotella's article in Forbes iUNIFY is a Duration Based approach...
- Sets the timeline &
- Prioritizes the requirements #1 #2 - iUNIFY puts all requirements in the MoSCoW list
- Manages it constantly &
- Frequently reports the Estimate to Complete #3 - iUNIFY breaks the phases down into iterations
- Has a detailed plan for the current & next iteration &
- Defines clear exit criteria #4 - iUNIFY's "Use Cases" define requirements in business terms &
- Reuses Use Cases as the basis for training scripts and test scripts #5 iUNIFY structures
Each Deliverable
Each Increment &
Each Phase
...in direct support of Go Live...
THE GOAL ...is OUM + Capgemini's Enablers Contact: Rich Miller at richard.miller@capgemini.com so the important ones are done FIRST! >>
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