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on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of EXTREME Sports

Inline skating



Artificial wall climbing


Trail running

What Are Extreme Sports
Activities claimed as extreme sports involves a great amount of speed, height, and/or physical exertion. They have high levels of danger and highly specialized gear.
Legality of Extreme sports
Most extreme sports are properly
regulated. However, even if they are legal, they may be illegal in other places. This includes trespassing into private property and public places that say no to the sport. There are also a few illegal extreme sports simply because they are too dangerous.
Why are Extreme sports on the rise
The main reason is for the excitement and adrenaline before, during, and after each performance.

Professionals can get sponsored and make money for executing stunts. events themselves can gain a large audience and make a lot of profit.
Illegal extreme sports
Elevator Surfing
Street Racing
Train Surfing
Urban dogfighting (Bad for dogs)
Cockfighting (bad for cock)
Train Surfing pros
Extreme sports are also encouraged by companies and fitness programs.

they are known to be eye-candy sports which are extremely entertaining to watch
Factors to Consider
Will my insurance cover this?
Am I willing to die for this sport?
Do I know all the consequences that might arise?
permanently damaged by an injury caused by the sport
Am I capable of performing this?
Is this legal?
Can I cover the expenses?
Is my body ready?
Examples of popular extreme sports

(Top 12)
Mountain Biking


BMX bicycling

Mountain/Rock climbing

Roller Hockey


Lesser-known Extreme Sports
People have been getting creative with new designs, concepts, and ideas to create even more exhilarating physical activities

Whether they are new original ideas or a combination of existing sports, we are finding different ways of getting that adrenaline rush
Trampoline Wall
Sepak Takraw
Street Luge
Volcano Surfing
EXTReme ironing
Benefits and Disadvantages
Death may occur
Injuries are common
Difficult to perform
Hard to make profits
Keeps you healthy and fit
Lets you get adrenaline rush
Greater confidence to make risks
Fame and popularity
Sponsors of extreme sports
Gives you wings!
Mountain Dew
Monster Energy
DC Shoes
Groups that host Extreme sports
International Olympic Committee
The X-Games
Redbull Crashed Ice
Formula 1 Racing
By: Hirotoshi, Daniel, The Great Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!, The all great and wise JEEEEEEmEEEEEEry
Seat belts
Mouth guards

Safety checks
Replacing bike helmet every 3 years or if the helmet is damaged
Proper replacement of old sports equipment
I'm a hero!















Because why can't you have a freshly pressed shirt after performing a sport?
Redbull responsible for several deaths of athletes doing extreme sports sponsored by them
BASE Jumping is the most dangerous extreme sport and some will trespass to do it
Some people disapprove of extreme sports because they are too dangerous
Sarah Burke's and Caleb Moores' tragic accident at the X-Games

trampoline placed near wall
use the wall to do creative stunts
Most prominent on volcanoes in Nicaragua.
player slide simply with thin plywood or a metal board.
Either standing up or sitting down.
Has the risk of getting cut by rough volcanic ash.
Also known as Kick Volleyball.
Native to the Malay Peninsula.
Players can only use their feet, chest or head to hit the ball.
This game can be traced back to the 15th century.
A swing made of poles
Players are fastened at the base of their feet.
The longer the swing arms, the more difficult to swing.
Whoever can flip a 360 with the longest arms is the winner.
Originated in Estonia in 1996.

Typically volleyball on an inflatable bouncy court.
Allows players to jump high and spike the ball.
Originated in Spain and conceptualized in Germany.
Iron while doing a sport in an extremely dangerous environment.
Started in England 1997.
There had been some controversy over whether it is a sport or not.
Must be recorded or else
Involves riding a street luge board on road or pavement.
Can reach speeds from 64 - 157 km/h.
Originated in southern California as skateboarders found that lying on their boards downhill gave them extra speed.
A growing sports played and competed around the world.
Sarah Burke
Caleb Moore
Snowboarding the superpipe at the Park Training Moutain Resort
Landed on her head
Cardiac arrest
survival chances= low
irreversible damage to the brain due to lack of oxygen + blood
Well, see for yourself.
amazing videos of stunts and skills
The summary
Extreme sports can by fun and cool looking
but they are also dangerous. New sports are being invented all the time for people's entertainment. Make sure to protect yourself with the necessary equipment and insurance. Remember, "safety first!"

Other Extreme Sports
BASE Jumping
Cliff Jumping
Body Boarding
Free Running/ Parkour
Ice Climbing
Kite Surfing
Sand Boarding
White Water Rafting
Wing Suit

Cheer leading
Cave Diving
Bungee Jumping

How is Risk Experienced?
In 2009, researchers interviewed participants to show what impact these sports have given them.

It appears that they commonly construct both
. These are best sought out with activities that bring people to have their life on the line.

When performing in activities that involve possible death and fear, a feeling of
may come upon you and might give you positive effects to life in general.

This feeling of succeeding dangerous tasks had helped participants to take over personal transformations in a positive way.
What is Fear to an Active Participant?
an emotional response passed through our genes and is used as a survival mechanism.
used to protect ourselves from danger + signals any threats.
Evolutionary perspective
illogical to take massive risks where death is a possibility.
extreme sports participants
create a natural reaction to fear and
act against their original natural instincts.
Periodic exposure to fearful situations can slowly create a positive response.
fear is kept in our genes BUT emotional response to danger can still be different.
some might have an affinity toward them and seek new, higher risks.
Participants who actively search for extreme sports can perceive fears as something
and even a
Extreme sports can in fact be addictive, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Almost like coffee, extreme sports can benefit your body and mind, but taking too much will lead to higher risks to endangering yourself.

After extreme experiences, dopamine can be released to the brain which gives you a sense of arousal, gratification, and reward and creates a feeling of happiness.

You can conclude that overcoming fears may lead to positive psychological outcomes.
This feeling can be compared to surviving a dramatic incidents such as traumas and serious illnesses.

Extreme experience may trigger a reward system in the brain that can makes you addicted and want to try new and more exciting ways of achieving satisfaction.

Cheese Rolling

A wheel of cheese is rolled down a large hill and players race down to be the first to catch the cheese. the winner gets to take the cheese home.
A person in placed inside a large plastic sphere and rolled downhill.
People have died from this
Freestyle Powerisers Stilts/ Powerbocking
These stilts are spring loaded to perform extreme jumping, running, and aerobics.
Underwater Hockey
A limited contact sport where players navigate a puck on the bottom of a pool to shoot into goals
Crocodile Bungee
It is simply bungee jumping but into a body of water containing live crocodiles
Sport Hocker / "Extreme sitting"
A cross between skateboarding a sitting. Participants execute a combination of tricks, balancing, and juggling and finish sitting on the sporthocker(seen above).
Some people try to use little to no safety gear (for sports of less risks) to get more of an extreme feel.
Chess Boxing
Fighters must spend 11 rounds alternating chess and boxing each three minutes long. You either win by knock out or checkmate
We will be showing you a certain equipment from a seemingly strange extreme sport. Try to guess the sport it is played with or how it is used
Wife Carrying
Popular in Finland, men carry their wives on their backs and race through obstacles to finish first
The technological advancements used for such sports had come along way. Gear, equipment, and clothing had been modified and altered many times to change the intensity of the sport while keeping participants safe.
the plague from the sky
In Switzerland, there are no means of approval from any authorities as "everyone is responsible for themselves".

Lauterbrunnen is a Swiss city with a cliff highly suitable of BASE jumping. 28 people have died from the activity.

Any incorrect jump or misjudgment of the wind will cause you to severely injure yourself or die.

One of the deaths involved a parachute failing to open. Another participant ended up slamming into the rocks multiple times. There had been deaths occurring in front of kids and seven times in farm lands.

The residents of the community feel like they are in a death zone, while the jumpers are only in it for the rush.

But BASE jumping will not be banned as the cliff makes a better tourist trade in the summer. The mayor of Lauterbrunnen says that they have "everything for the visitors" and "likes to preserve diversity and not ban individual sports". "The BASE jumpers are not violating any law and are acting legally".

Residents disagree with the mayors judgment.
But since the cliff is well known about its rates of deaths, participants feel as if it has more of a challenge and more excitement, thus having more money and making more profit.

Thank YOU For Watching
By: Hirotoshi, Daniel, The Great Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!, The all great and wise JEEEEEEmEEEEEEry
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