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Augusta County School Social Work

No description

Sarah M

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Augusta County School Social Work

The Vital Link
Liaison between school, family and community
Role of School Social Workers
Explore client system to better understand needs
Provide mentoring to students
Open communication between family and school social worker
Refer family to services as needed
Provide students access to groups that enhance social and academic development, and facilitate a supportive environment
Assist in getting paperwork signed and returned to school
Follow-up with non-compliance with school attendance policy
Conduct a needs assessment
Provide family with community resources
Help strengthen relationship between family and school by seeking out the people in need
Individual & Group Counseling
Home Visits
Refer families/students to resources in community for food, shelter, clothing, utility assistance, counseling, medical and/or benefits
Visit community agencies to better understand their missions and to enhance the relationship between Augusta County Schools and the organizations.
Community Resources
Identify students who may qualify
Assess for eligibility
Assist with enrollment/transfers/withdraws
Forward necessary information to allow children to receive free lunch
Provide transportation assistance as needed
McKinney Vento Services
Help implement school's attendance/truancy procedure that are aligned with district and state policy
Maintain social work records and uses data to continually document and communicate student progress
Implement appropriate individual, group, or school wide interventions to support improved student attendance
Refer student/parent to family court for truancy
Complete sociocultural assessments to assist in the determination of special education services
Participate in special education meetings
Develop interventions for promoting students’ academic success
Special Education Eligibility/IEPs/
504 Plans
Present at staff meetings regarding job responsibilities and McKinney Vento services
Provide in-service training to school staff/administration
Advocate in the best interest of the student
Educate Staff & Community
Helpful Forms

Homeless Intake

Transportation Request

Special Permission Application

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