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No description

Georgia McKeown

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of MUSTERING

Cattle Work
Cattle work is what you do after you muster when all the cattle are in the cattle yards the are lot 's of things that make up cattle work such as dipping, branding, giveing neddles, and spraying for ticks here is a picture of some cattle yards
People who muster also have different equipment this is what they are the bridles are different to the engish bridle because they don't have nose bands (a strap that goes over the horse's nose) also the saddle is different it is called a stock saddle it has bits of the saddle at the front that rise up it also has stirip fenders
Georgia 's opion
To me mustering is my favorite thing on earth I love going out mustering with my mum, my uncle,my cousins and my beautiful horse Camry. My position is at the back of the mob but somtimes I go on the side or at the front. I hope you all have learn't something about mustering today!
What is Mustering
Hi my name is Georgia McKeown and i'm here to tell you all you need to know about horseback mustering Mustering is a type of farm work done on horse back, motobikes, quadbikes, or helicoptors. Mustering is when you ride out on horses and get cattle(cows, bulls and calves) into cattle yards
the rules and positions
To muster you have to have a min. of 4 people.One person has to go at the back of the cattlejob is to keep pushing the cattle up with their horse and if the cattle break away they have to chash after it. One person goes at the right side one person at the left their job as the wings is to make sure that the cattle don't run away from th mob and one person goes at the front they have to lead the way and not let the cattle get in front of them
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