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"Defining moments in My History" :Presentation

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savitha francis

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of "Defining moments in My History" :Presentation

AnnSavitha.Francis "Defining moments in My History" Both my parents were alive and living in Sri Lanka when war occurred. It Was a tragic sight to see, people dying form each every side. They were holding on to there lives not knowing when death could hit them. WAR ! Both my parents' immigration to Canada wasn't the best. They had to leave back so many people behind so that my family can have a good future ahead of us. Immigration to Canada! Although I am Canadian, my family originated from Sri Lanka. SRI LANKA ! My parents didn't come in the safest way to Canada. My dad had been sponsored to come to Canada. He had to leave a lot of family behind because he wanted his family to have a good future!
He had sponsored my mom after as his fiance, she had been sponsored , from Singapore because you weren't able to leave Sri Lanka just like that. How my parents came to Canada! I'm proud to be a Canadian. CANADA is my home country! My parents' life as a teenager compared to my life was very different. Not only because they had to survive through war and their surroundings were very different compared to our but because of what they liked and disliked. Life Compared To My Parents As Teenagers! & I was born 3 years after my parents both had come to Canada. Ways for Sri Lankan's to survive were to dig underground holes and stay in them until the fight was over, although many people were still killed this way. So many people died in war. My parents and some of their families were lucky enough to survive it! Family as in my siblings were the only people that brought change into my life. Since I am the oldest in the family all my siblings had brought life into our family history! FAMILY ! First a brother : Michael.Francis
he was born an year after I was! Second a sister: Ann Santia. Francis
she was born two years after I was! :) Last a little brother: Steevan. Francis
he entered as my favourite sibling who was born eight years after me! :) Family history's the best! Not only you learn about your family history but everything your parents have been through and how they got to where they are now. My family history might as well interest a lot of people, including me although I listen to it almost everyday. It's still really effective and filled with great stories too pass on generations :) I learned family history is always full of surprises! World War 1 World War 1 was a major world event because of the fact that a lot of people died.. 9/11 is an important event because it changed how traveling was done. Also, a lot of people died.
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