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Greek Myth: Pygmalion & Galatea

By: Stephanie Bonga & Kirin Ng

Stephanie Bonga

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Greek Myth: Pygmalion & Galatea

Greek Myth: Pygamlion & Galatea Stephanie Bonga & Kirin Ng
Mrs. Youngken
English 10 Cyprus - island that first received gifts when Venus(Roman)/Aphrodite(Greek) rose from the foam Setting Characters Pygmalion Pygmalion told himself art was all he needed and made a statue of a women, who in his eyes no other maiden could look like her. Myth gifted young sculptor of Cyprus
woman hater
Breath of life
Life is everywhere Myth Feast of Venus Cyprus was decorated by:
Snow white heifers horns were glided and used as offerings
Incenses used at every altar
Crowds thronged her temple
Unhappy lovers gave gifts to goddess for help with relationships Myth Pygmalion was in good omen & headed home to find his statue had turned into a real woman. Theme Love is not bound by moral and immoral rules or laws, can be found in many ways, take form in many shapes, and can grow purely out of nothing.
Shows true love in its purest form. Questions 1.) What was the name of the island the myth takes place on and what was it known for? 2.) What was Venus known for? 6.) Name one thing Pygmalion did to his statue. 5.) What statute did he work devotedly on, and why was that choice ironic? 3.)What is the name of the man this myth is centered around? 4.) What special talent did Pygmalion have? 7.) Name one way Cyprus celebrated on the Feast Day of Venus. 8.) When he prayed to Venus, what did Pygmalion originally wish for? 9.) How did Venus grace their wedding? 10.) What was the name of the statue and their son? Cyprus; It was the first island to receive gifts when Venus rose from the foam She was the Goddess of Passionate Love and helped with various love-related problems. Pygmalion He was an excellent sculptor. A statue of a woman; he was a woman-hater. Kissed & caressed her
Dressed her in rich robes
Brought her gifts - birds & flowers
Tucked her in bed Snow white heifers horns were glided for offerings
Incense burned at every altar
Crowds thronged her temple
Unhappy lovers had gifts for goddess to help with relationships A lover like his statue By attending their wedding Galatea and Paphos, respectively Pygmalion Venus/Aphrodite
Determined to help Pygmalion Myth Myth Had a son and named him after Venus’s favorite city, Paphos Myth Venus graced their marriage with her presence
Pygmalion named the maiden Galatea Myth Feast of Venus Pygmalion asked Venus to find a maiden like his statue
His offering: bull
“If you can grant all things, you gods, I wish as a bride to have one like my ivory girl.”
Venus favored his prayer - flame of altar leaped up 3 times Characters Venus(Roman)/Aphrodite(Greek) Goddess of Passionate Love
Victory Characters Galatea Made out of ivory
Turned into woman
Married Pygmalion
Name means "who is white as milk"
Symbolizes embodiment Fell in love with statue
Kissed & caressed her, though she was unresponsive
Dressed her in rich robes
Brought her gifts - birds & flowers
Tucked her in bed Myth Pygmalion & his "maiden" Today's Society Artwork depicting the myth of "Pygmalion and Galatea are located in metropolitan museums. Jean-Léon Gérôme (French, Vésoul 1824–1904 Paris) Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes
Spanish, possibly 1812 - 1820 Today's Society George Bernard Shaw wrote a successful play in 1871 based on Pygmalion and Galatea Myth
Pygmalion knew Venus was responsible for his sculpture's gift of life. Fun fact: Located Northwest of Venus's rock Music "Threshold" from Journey™ (Original Soundtrack from the Video Game)
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