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Freedom of the Press...?

A presentation to show why the paparazzi should be banned.

Maddie DiCarlo

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Freedom of the Press...?

Freedom of the Press...?
Illegal Actions
Laws Wanting to be Passed Against Paparazzi
There are usually many paparazzi in one place
It's almost impossible to ban the Paparrazi
1st Amendment right
Harm caused to Celebrities
The paparazzi have be known to jump out of moving cars
Trample other paparazzi
Harm Civilians
Harm the celebrities themselves.
Run red lights
and make illegal and unsafe U-turns
Stops at nothing to take a photo.
the paparazzi take everyday situations and
turn them into traumatic events
breaking and entering
use of trickery
fraud and disguise
Princess Diana was killed in a car accident when she was trying to escape the paparazzi.
All of this for a picture...and money.
aimed at their wallets/profit
want to restrain aggressiveness
protect privacy
decrease the amount of illegal actions
She can't even get out of her car.
Paparazzi Defense
challenge the bills against them as unconstitutional
The paparazzi even stalks you when you wake up
freedom of speech
freedom of the press
Celebrities lose their freedom of personal privacy and the paparazzi doesn't care.
Sportscaster Erin Andrews was a victim of the paparazzi. She was being filmed in her "private" hotel room and had to call 911.
Why should they be banned?
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