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Monaysha, Alicia, and Tyaja

No description

monaysha scott

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Monaysha, Alicia, and Tyaja

Monaysha, Alicia, and Tyaja

Crime Scene Investigations
Crime Scene Investigations must be managed and reconstructed through isolating the area, documentation, and organization.
St. Valentine's Day
The St. Valentines Day Massacre happened on February 14, 1929 in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Seven out of the Nine men who belonged to the North Side Gang were killed by the rival Capone Gang. The massacre was a retaliation for the unsuccessful murder attempt on the mob leader of the Capone Gang. The Capone Gang came up with a plan to lure the mob leader Bugs Moran into the warehouse on North Clark Street to claim loads of whiskey but actually kill him and a few of his gang members. That plan didn't go as directed when the whole gang showed up at this warehouse possible being greedy for more whiskey than offered. Moran and one of his men were not at the warehouse when everyone arrived however for they were a little late. Four men who were apart of the Capone Gang arrived at the warehouse. Two were dressed like police men and two were dressed regular. The fake policemen walked into the warehouse and ordered two men who were fixing cars to put there hands up and against the wall. Then all four men opened fire and spraying both men along with the other five who were apart of the North Side Gang and in the other room.
Physical Evidence
The physical evidence were:
shotgun cartridges
bullet fragments picked up at the scene
blood on floor
Photographic Evidence
This is the crime scene which is the other room where the five guys were massacred.
Crime Scene Search Patterns
Crime scene search patterns may vary but
they share a common goal of providing organization
and a systematic structure to ensure
that no items of physical evidence are missed
or lost
Photo's of Evidence
Team Members
Team Leader
Photographer and Photographic log recorder
Sketch Preparer
Evidence Recorder/Evidence recovery Personnel
Team Members
Team Leader - Assume control - ensure safety of personnel and security at scene, personnel use appropriate protective equipment and follow standard recommendations to protect from health hazards. Determine search patterns, and make appropriate assignments for team members.

Photographer and Photographic log recorder - Photograph entire area before it is entered (victims, crowd, and vehicles.)
Sketch Preparer - Diagram immediate area of scene and orient diagram with sketch.Designate and label areas to be searched and advise team leader and all other search members of nomenclature for designated areas.

Evidence Recorder/Evidence recovery Personnel - Describe evidence and its location on appropriate bag or envelope and maintain evidence log

Specialist - Specialists should be identified before they are needed in an actual case. A current list should be maintained, if possible. The agency should meet with these individuals to determine the best manner to jointly conduct search planning, operations, and follow-up activity.
Parallel Search
Grid Search
Zone Search
Spiral Search
Parallel Search Method - Is the most common and productive method. Works with large and small, and outdoor and indoor scenes. Searchers are usually volunteers.

Grid Search Method - A search method employed by two or more people overlapping separate line searches forming a grid
Zone Search Method - Best used on scenes with defined zones or areas; effective in houses or buildings; teams are assigned
small zones for searching.

Spiral Search Method - Best used with crime scene with no physical barriers such as open water.
Shell Casings
Autopsy Results
Refer back to the pros and cons
Explain how it will help
Describe the next steps
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
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