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Cupcake Bake-Off

No description

Tara Sutudeh

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Cupcake Bake-Off

Join Us for the best Bake-off EVER!
The Cupcake Company would like to invite you to what is
possibly the greatest event EVER! And what is this event you ask?
Well its a Bake-Off! Now this might not sound so interesting at first
are attending this event. Also, don't forget that you will be able to taste food
a plethora of food will be available for you to consume. You will be able
that the competitors of this bake-off have made once the competition is
completed. Not only is there free food, and celebrity chefs, but Justin
Who will be Attending?
The Cupcake Company is proud to say that the very talented Justin Timberlake will be joining us in this Bake-Off! What's more is that he will be singing hit singles from his new album! Not only that, but we have celebrity chefs Anna Olson, Mark McEwan, Jamie Oliver and David Rocco. Jamie Oliver will be hosting the event while the other chefs will be judging competitors who are competing in the Bake-Off. You will be able to find all these celebrities (yes even JT) on the main banquet hall and just about anywhere at the venue of this event before and after the bake-off. You have the chance to talk to them, ask them questions and even get autographs!
Celebrity Guests
Meeting @ 12 PM
Who is Sponsoring the Event?
We have a very strong partnership with Pusateri's. A food company known for it's quality produce and products. This partnership is what has allowed us to supply much of the free food that will be available at the event, as well as well supply competitors with the produce they need to make their confectionery masterpieces! We strongly suggest that on your next grocery trip, you check out Pusateri's. There is no other place that will offer you produce and products with the high quality and freshness that Pusateri's offers you.
When? Where? Cost?
In Summary...
Thank you for your time and we hope to see you at our event!!!
but what if we told you that there will be free food? Throughout the event
well as other types of food created by some of the many celebrity chefs that
Timberlake is a guest star at the event and will be singing!
to sample on the indulgent cupcake creations of the Cupcake Company as
The Cupcake Company Bake-Off
By: Tara Sutudeh
@ 12 pm

Indulgent Cupcakes
Graduation Cupcakes
Event Coming Soon!!!
Creative Food Created by Contestants and Chefs
David Rocco
Anna Olson
Mark McEwan
Jamie Oliver
When is it taking place?
The event is taking place on June the 4th
from 4-8 pm.
Where is it located?
The event is located in the historic
Distillery District at the Fermenting Cellar.
The Fermenting Cellar is a gorgeous
industrial venue located on 28 Distillery
How much does it cost?
Tickets are $150 for all adults and $100
for students under 18.
All in all, a lot of planning went into
planning this event. Our trained group
of event planners put a lot of time
and effort into this Bake-Off and we
think that the outcome is amazing!
We hope that you will have a lot of
fun and create lots of memories when
you come! Maybe you will even meet
one of your idols!
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