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07.06 The World at War and the Fires Between: Genocide

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Megan St John

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of 07.06 The World at War and the Fires Between: Genocide

Holocaust Multimedia Presentation
This presentation was created by Megan St. John.

This presentation contains 5 photographs with captions.

Also, a one paragraph summary on how the Holocaust affected the Jewish Population.

Plus, a "Call to action" explaining things that are done and can be done to prevent mass genocide like the Holocaust from happening again.

Another cause that "fed the fire" of the Holocaust was Kristallnacht. Kristallnach was the night of November 9, 1938, during which Nazis in Germany and Austria attacked Jews and their property.
Above is a picture of the most famous concentration camp named Auschwitz. Concentration camps such as this one was a place where the people who were thought different or "not pure" were sent to die. Approximately 1.2 million people were held prisoner and murdered here.
Above is a hideous and gruesome site of some of the people that died in the concentration camps. Hundreds and BILLIONS of people died in the camps.
An effect of the Holocaust is the memorials and museums put into place. The photo below is a picture of part of the inside Florida Holocaust Museum. I personally, have been here and it is an experience is all i can say. Its one of those things you just have to go through to understand.
The Holocaust was not a good time to be anything different. Which includes being Jewish, Homosexual, Mentally or physically disabled and more. The Holocaust scared many people and might be the reason why some of them are afraid of the government. They have every right to be. The Jewish population decreased dramatically due to this genocide. I myself have moved 3 different times to different schools, towns, and churches and have yet to meet a Jew. The Holocaust is an event that occurred that they cannot simply forget about. They will never forget and are scared for life. Who knows when they will be able to trust a country again.
Impact of Holocaust
There are ways that we can prevent genocides like the Holocaust from happening again. There are already organization set in place. An example is a group of activist called "United to End Genocide" All you have to do is support them and it can be a little thing that you can do to prevent Genocide from occurring.
Created By: Megan St. John
Thanks for Watching!
07.06 The World at War and the Fires Between: Genocide
Above is a man named Hitler. He was prejudice against people he considered were different from him. He was also the Nazi leader that encouraged the killing of millions of people.
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