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Functional Curriculum Model


Natassia Walker

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of Functional Curriculum Model

from to EXIT Weakness Strengths 1.Background Information
a. “The schooling experience is designed to prepare individuals for adulthood, essentially to create a competent citizenry” Cronin and Patton b. Having the ability to handle the major life demands in the subdomains of everyday living such as general job skills, financial management, family life, travel, and entertainment are important skills required for day to day living Life Skills Approach Who is it for? All students can benefit but students with disabilities " require additional direction and purposeful planning" Wehman. Life skills instruction approach should be implemented as early as possible Three approaches for integrating life skills a. Infusion Approach
b. Augmentation Approach
c. Coursework Approach
Infusion Approach For students who are fully included in a general education classroom

Teachers are required to be familiar with the demands of specific life skills
Augmentation Approach Most courses fall into this category where there is time for additional topics

Life skills relate to similar topics being taught in the course
The End Coursework Approach Curriculum allows for the development of separate courses Focus on students future needs More time can be used on
functional content and
adult needs Competency Units for Daily Living skills Vol. 2 (Brolin, 1992) Integrated Life Skills Content
into the curriculum i. Reading directions to make brownies
ii. Computing costs for laundry, grocery shopping
a. Each life skill can be incorporated into different content areas such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, math, etc provides all the tools needed to make a successful, independent and valuable citizen.
number of step-by-step lesson plans and check lists that one could use as a guide for these daily living skills. “appropriate” form for teachers and places “too great a demand on teachers acquiring or creating their own materials even though this model includes math and reading applications, it does not provide the basic instructions for the general content curriculum. Functional Curriculum Model a.“a commitment to providing a set of goals, objectives and instructional activities designed to teach concepts and skills needed to function successfully in life” Clark, Field Patton, Brolin and Sitlington.
b.Should include the six domains of adult life: employment/education, home and family, leisure pursuits, community involvement, physical/emotional health and personal responsibility
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