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Come See A Kangaroo Box Near You

Mike Graham

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Kangaroo

Overveiw Of A Kangaroo
Hi My Name Is Aidan Graham. My Animal Is an Kangaroo. The Kangaroo Is A Marsupial. That Means It Has A pouch For It's Baby. My Animal Is A Vertebrate. That Means It Has A Backbone. It's Classifaction Is a Mammal. My Animal Is A Herbivore That Means It Eats Plants Like Flowers And Grass.
What It looks Like
The Kangaroo Has Fur All Over It's Body. It's Fur Color Is Brown. The Kangaroo Could Be 3.25 To 5.25 Long. It Has Clawed Hands, Large Powerful Legs, Longed 4 Toed Feet 1.5 feet Long.
The Kangaroo Could Be Found In Only Australia. It Is In The Dessert. In Australia It Is: Tropical, Sub-Tropical And Equatorial.
Interesting Facts
Did You Know Kangaroos Can Swim! Also Kangaroos Have Powerful Legs An Can Be Dangerous. The Red Kangaroo Is The Largest Marsupial In The World. Kangaroos Can Jump Very High Sometimes 3 Times Their Own Height!!! Kangaroos Can Hop Around quickly on 2 legs Or Walk around Slowly On All 4. Did you know Kangaroos can't Walk backwards!
Yay Pool!
Hoped You liked It!!!
The Kangaroo
1 Of The Kangaroos enemies Are Heat.
My Animal is Warm-Blooded. My Animal also is born alive NOT From Egg!!!
Check Out : Birds, Bats, Deers, Dogs And more! By Some amazing People At Prezi.com. Or Just Take In Some Interesting Facts At Tuesday,Wednesday, And Thursday.
Joke Time
1. What Kind Of Clothes Do Kangaroos Wear?
2. What Do You Call A Lazy Kangaroo?
3. What Did the Wise Austrailian Invent While Recycling?
2. A Pouch Potato
3. A Can-Guru
1. A Jump Suit
And See You Next Time Peppa Pig, I Mean Class.Well Peppa you're Not a Kangaroo.
Why Not Me!
I Hope You Learned Something About The Kangaroo!
I Get It
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