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"The Baker's Neighbor"

Pablo and Manuel cannot see eye to eye on smelling the fragrance at the bakery.

Rachael Burr

on 17 November 2011

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Transcript of "The Baker's Neighbor"

"The Baker's Neighbor" Main
Characters Pablo and Manuel Pablo is a friendly man who wants to
smell the pies from Manuel's bakery. Manuel is a grumpy, unpleasant man
who owns a bakery. SETTING This story takes place
at a bakery. Why does Pablo visit the bakery? Pablo visits the bakery each morning
because he wants to smell the fresh
baked pies in Manuel's bakery. Manuel is described as a miser.
What is a MISER? A miser is someone
who only cares about making money. Even though Manuel is mean,
why do the neighborhood children
go to his bakery? The children visit Manuel's
bakery to buy sweets with
money they earned. PROBLEM Manuel does not want Pablo
smelling his pies. POSSIBLE SOLUTION Pablo has to pay for the pies. Why does Manuel go to the judge? Pablo refused to pay for the pie smells. Decision The judge tells Manuel to go get his money. How do the townspeople react to this decision? How does Manuel react? Does Manuel get to keep Pablo's money? What is the final ruling of the judge?
What does Manuel have to do?
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