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Technology in the Future

Ever wonder what's going to happen to technology? What's going to stay the same? What's going to change? Watch this prezi to find all about the FUTURE!

Marwa Kristi

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Technology in the Future

WHAT ELSE CAN WE ENABLE? hover cars? alchemy? superpowers? time travel? ENTERTAINMENT 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c THE FUTURE! New and eccentric ideas are being made into reality everyday; widening our options and improving our everyday lives! From the most revolutionary electronic gadgets to super-smart housing equipment, technology is enabling our world to evolve...
Let's take a look! Media and Communication Phones Phones are one of the fastest-developing gadgets you will find.
Large screens, HD presentation, easy-to-use controls, wireless internet use, GPS. entertaining and useful apps and more mobile data space are what you would find in most of today's phones. With our ways of life changing thanks to technology, we are soon going to be faced with a new, epic form of transport. Imagine a world where if you wanted to get somewhere, you would just hop inside your ever-so-casual hover car and just sit back and relax while it drives you around. Well, very soon, that idea that may seem pretty impossible and far-fetching could just become one of your everyday, ordinary life necessities. New and innovative forms of transport are heading our way, from airships to self-driving buses, GREEN, GREEN trains to awesome new cars... like... the FUTURE of TECHNOLOGY COMPUTING Computing has changed our generation for the better. New computing capabilities enable technology to improve, leading to a brighter and better future for us all. Medicine, entertainment and media, robotics, electronics and domestic care are all influenced by computing, and as computing is getting better... so will they! SMART HOMES TRANSPORT Now that our world is developing, it only seems fit that the centre of our lives do too! Great equipment, useful gadgets and easy-to-use controls make smart homes the home of the future, with amazingly safe technology and incredible energy-efficiency Phones let us communicate with people from almost any location on earth Designers have a new and innovative idea to create a new type of phone, where anything is possible from it. See-through, high tech, professional, this phone has it all! By Marwa Kristi Communication plays a role in all information exchanged between living species. Technically speaking, even plants and fungi communicate with each other.

What sets us humans apart is the speed at which our means of communication develops and innovates. Technology has been helping us to communicate easier, faster and more often. self-driven trains and KITCHEN the In a smart home, the kitchen is like an ordinary kitchen; oven, fridge, freezer, microwave etc... except everything is different. These kitchen appliances are advanced and developed to function without full human effort, making life just that bit less stressful. This is an oven of the future. The oven sports large finger-friendly touchscreen to display a cooking program menu. Like in a digital camera, you can choose an automated mode, adjust it a bit or set your own parameters. When your food is done, you can get a notification sent to your mobile/ tablet informing you of it. BEDROOM the On the wall above the nightstand is a small touch screen that is part of the Smart Home's state-of-the-art home automation system. You can control music and entertainment systems as well as heating and cooling throughout the home from the touch screen or remotely from your mobile or computer. ***** Even in a smart home, there is still an atmosphere of comfort and ease in the bedroom. Your bed will still be comfy, your bedroom view will still be as beautiful. What's new is a sense of control. The gadgets in the smart home's bedrooms allow you to adjust things like heating and lighting to what you want. What's more, you don't even have to be in your room to do it... What is next, though? What is the next step in mobile evolution? We will just have to wait and see... Social networking sites link people from all over the world, enabling them to call, message and text each other. This technology seems impressive?
That's without including the all-new smart technology that will be installed in everything to do with the house! WELL... WE'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT! THANKS FOR WATCHING! TWITTER! ACEBOOK! THANKS FOR WATCHING! THE END! we started of small and technology got bigger and better! into from this Things are getting better for transport. New technology is enabling transport to have low or no emission levels, lower congestion levels which effectively will result in less pollution and a healthier, safer, and greener world for us all! this EVERYTHING IS IMPROVING! NOW TO TRANSPORT MORE ON... electricity-making bikes Future transport ideas include... Magnetically-levitated trains THE near FUTURE... . Magnetic levitation to suspend, guide and propel vehicles with magnets They use 30% less energy than normal trains. They don't pollute because they run on magnets, not fossil fuels, like most trains nowadays But these trains can't run on the tracks we have a the moment, and it costs A LOT to change them... idea Driverless cars . idea Disabled people will be independently mobile Cars will independently be able to pick up their drivers. Accidents caused by human error will happen anymore
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