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LOTF Compared To Lost

No description

Crystal Oliver

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of LOTF Compared To Lost

Lord Of The Flies and Lost Characteristics Of Jack Jack Merridew: LOTF Selfish Jack is obviously throughout the book, very self centered and doesn't care much about other people but, is overconfident with himself. Mainly, Jack's priority is hunting and controlling others to his will. "We'll go into the forest now and hunt. He turned and trotted away and after a moment they followed him obediently" (Golding 147). This quote shows how Jack is feared by the others, as his powerful threats used in the book scare them into following him. It also shows how he is selfish, caring about hunting before anything, as he uses the word "now" to state that they will go when he says.
The character Jack relates to the most in Lost, based on this specific characteristic is Sawyer. He fights for himself and not the others, meaning that he only cares about himself being alive on the island. An example of this, is how he achieves looting from decayed bodies from the plane and keeps them for himself. He also uses his body language and powerful voice to shake others into doing things his way and making them feel senseless.

Sly Being the leader of the choir, and being able to turn his choir into hunters is a very smart strategy to push his way towards being a leader. Jack could easily turn anyone against someone else by using his "punishments" to enforce himself as the "head boy" of the island, or else. He is sneaky with his words by twisting sentences around to make himself the one who is correct and even somehow convinces Ralph; the leader of the island, to go hunt the beast with him. For example, when Jack asks for new hunting members, Ralph denies his ability to speak, because Ralph is the leader and controls the conch. Ralph starts off my explaining that he is the chief while Jack says "You haven't got it with you. You left it behind. See, clever?" (Golding 166).
John Locke's overall character from Lost, seems like he is always hiding something. He has a weary look on his face and doesn't say much to anyone. In one of the episodes of Lost, John and Boone discover a hatch. Instead of hunting for food, they dug up the hatch without anyone knowing. John Locke:Lost Intimidating The way he acts towards others makes him seem tough and savage like. Killing pigs, bullying the others and carrying around a knife seems deadly enough to me to be called insane. Bossing everyone around and not letting anything stand in his way, he is an overall cruel character. On page 29 a great example of his ferocious acting, "He snatched his knife out of the sheath and slammed it into a tree trunk" (Golding 29). Jack showing whose boss: LOTF Controlling It's not oblivious to say, that Jack is a straight forward guy, who wants things done immediately when he says it's time. He doesn't like when people talk back to him and will make a big fuss about it, if done. He makes you feel as if you will die, if you don't do what he says, which is exactly why the characters follow him. "Lets be moving," said Jack restlessly, "we're wasting time." shows that Jack gets annoyed easily and edges to do what he wants. (Golding 110)
In this state, Jack reminds me of Kate from Lost. She holds a pushy attitude and is always involved in every event. She may not be as fearful to others but, she takes over whenever she can. Kate talking to main leader Jack: Lost Careless With hunting being his main job, Jack would rather stay on the island and experience "fun" his own way, than be rescued into safe hands. Also, he doesn't care about the others as he is willing to hurt Robert by pretending he is the pig. Page 125 talks about Robert acting as the pig as Jack proves his strength by beating Robert up. "Jack had him by the hair and was brandishing his knife" (Golding 125).
I personally think, Shannon fits this characteristic of Jack a lot. Shannon could care less about being rescued or helping around the island, as her hobby is to bask in the sun and lead Charlie into doing tasks for her. Jacks way of "fun" is making his Choir
hunt pigs with sticks: LOTF Characteristics of Ralph Ralph: LOTF Caring To be a leader, you must care about your group, socialize and stand up for the others. Ralph takes care of the group as a whole and is cautious about keeping the group safe. He assigns jobs to the most reliable and older children and concentrates on keeping the fire going. When Ralph and some of the group were going up the mountain he made Piggy stay with the little children but, knew they weren't going to be back so, he let Simon go and tell Piggy the news. "Someone's got to cross the island and tell Piggy we'll be back after dark" (Golding 128) This shows Ralph care about ALL of the group not just certain people.
Jack is by far the most caring person in Lost. He doesn't judge anyone and could care less about their past, he just knows that everyone needs to be healthy and safe. Even when the lady no one talks to, was sitting alone on the beach, Jack went over and comforted her and told her she should be drinking to stay healthy Leadership
Ralph was picked as the leader because he was seen as one. He knows that to maintain civilization, they either need to get off the island, or start thinking of how to civilize things. He keeps everyone in order, and calls meetings to assign jobs. He also uses the conch for speaking skills. At the starting of the book he assigned Jack to be in charge of the choir: "The choir belongs to you, of course" (Golding 19)
Out of the "Lost" characters, Sayid suits some of this part and so does Jack. Sayid instantly works on the transmitter as a way to communicate with the civilized world. As for Jack, he makes sure everyone is okay, aiding people to help them stay healthy and alive. He assigns Hurley to do small tasks. Ralph holding a meeting
with the boys: LOTF Smart Ralph knows that they must keep everyone safe, alive, healthy and sane. In order to do so, he suggests building shelters, keeping the fire going and taking only enough food to stay alive. "If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must make smoke on the top of the mountain" (Golding 74). This direct quote from Ralph explains how wise he is, as he knows, to be rescued, you must be seen first.
If being a doctor doesn't give a major hint then maybe, saving a life does. Usually, doctors are smart, just like Jack from Lost. He keeps a cautious eye on everyone, comforts even the strange looking and does best at aiding people and convincing people what is wrong and what is right.
The boys keeping the
fire going: LOTF Rational Ralph, being the smart boy he is, keeps the boys as civilized as possible throughout the book. He reasons things out in his head, trys to think more like Piggy and trys to keep rules and order applying to the island at all standards. In example, one of his main rules is that you must have the conch to speak. "You haven't got the conch," he said. "Sit down" (Golding 111).
This rationality applys to Jack. He takes over commands, stays calm on all terms, thinks things over long and stays sane on the island.
Dependent Ralph relies on Piggy a lot when it comes to decision making. Although Ralph is smart, Piggy gives unique ideas that are more safe and helpful ways to get off the island. Piggy is often found near Ralph, obeying his every command. There usually isn't a decision that goes by without Piggys input. "I expect we'll want to know all their names," said the fat boy, "and make a list. We ought to have a meeting" (Golding 5) In this case, Piggy gives a good suggestion but, Ralph not knowing him that well, ignores the idea, so Piggy is forced to continue on.
Jack goes along with Hurley for this one. Hurley is always obeying Jack, doing mini-tasks for him and feeding him the news of what others are doing and constantly talking about what Jack is doing. Hurley talking to
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