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Water Park Project

Aucipana Park

Nate Alvarez

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Water Park Project

Water Park Project
Aucipana Park
By: Nate Alvarez
Cielin Garay
Audra Rubio
Paetra Rottman
Welcome to Aucinapa Park, where mythical creatures await you around every corner! Come see our multiple unique creatures, including our dragon,
unicorn, phoenix, and more! Have fun!
Thought process
What we were thinking
Hey guys how ya' doing?
Hey !
When Unicorns Eat
What you'll be doing
at Aucipana Park
Medusa the Gorgon
Slide down all six fun and unique snake slides that all lead you into the main pool, Medusa's face.
Dragon's Breath
Everyone will have a delightful time playing with Phil, the fun-loving dragon, a slide for ages 3-7 (parent/guardian supervision required).
The Big Mermaid
This exciting slide swirls around ¨The Big Mermaid,¨ Uriel, and leads you straight to the Siren's Lazy River
Baby Phoenix
Flying Train
Fly like a fairy in the amazing Flying Train! Fairy cars fly out of the tree station and give you an above-ground tour of the park.
Food Court
Enjoy your favorite foods with your friends and family while surrounded by mythical beasts!
Siren's Lazy River
After going around "The Big Mermaid," you'll head to the Siren's Lazy River. This calming ride turns to chaos as the Sirens lure guests to their doom by disguising themselves as beautiful women and singing their songs.
Experience the life cycle of the majestic phoenix as you ride on the flames of Daniel the phoenix and end in the pool of new life, where a baby phoenix rises from the ash.
Step 1: We debated over a theme, settling on mythical creatures and rejecting the brilliant ideas of Pokemon and Harry Potter.
Step 2: We thought of different attractions that would fit said theme.
Step 3: We made our first rough draft blueprint.
Step 4: We made our second rough draft blueprint.
Step 5: We finalized our third blueprint.
This slide travels down into the mouth of Dookieshed the unicorn and out of Dookie's, well, rear. You will be riding a raft in the shape of a butterfly.
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