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Nothing But The Truth Project

No description

Alexis Vasquez

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Nothing But The Truth Project

Position Statement
Philip Malloy’s First Amendment rights were not violated. He used a real life situation and used it to make Miss Narwin look bad and himself like a victim.
Persuasion Map

Notes and Research
Image by Tom Mooring
Nothing But The Truth Project
Philips First Amendment Right
Evidence from the book
Examples of First Amendment Right Violations
A student at Auburn University was forced to take a campaign flag out of his dorm window. The school states that it is against school rules. http://thefire.org/case/884.html
Students at Central Michigan University were told to remove patriotic posters such as an American flag because they were considered offensive. http://thefire.org/case/46.html
A teacher at Lake Superior State University was asked to take the posters he had on his door down after someone complained they were offensive. These posters dealt with issues such as Islamic terrorism, gun control, presidential politics, and the war in Iraq. http://thefire.org/case/761.html

When Philip Malloy was talking to his parents and he made himself look good but Miss Narwin look bad. (Page 42-44)
When Phillip was talking to the reporter for the Manchester Record he said there was a rule against singing the Star Spangled Banner but there was no such rule. (Pg. 83-86)
Philip Malloy's first Amendment rights were not violated. He got in trouble for causing a distraction in the classroom and being disrespectful. First time he did stop, but the second and the third he didn't. In the book it says, "Philip broke a rule. Twice. He and I talked it over earlier this week." Philip broke an important rule and he had to face the consequences. " If a student creates a disturbance in a classroom , that's breaking a rule. An important rule." Philip got two infractions which lead to a suspension. He wasn't stating his point of view on an issue he was just trying to annoy Miss Narwin. Philip was not standing up for anything specific. He made this issue bigger than it needed to. For example he didn't want to apologize to Miss Narwin. He just wanted something to make Ms. Narwin look bad. He told his father that its that teacher and that no ones likes her and he tells him that people don't do well in her class. Except her favorites. And he tell his own vision of the truth. He tells everyone the same story that he got suspended for sing the National Anthem. He never changes it. Phillip still has his right to freedom of speech. He didn't get in trouble for saying what he did in the Newspaper.The News report was never forced to take down what Philip said.He did not get in trouble with the school.In the book it says, "Hello this is Mrs.Stewart.Philip's first amendment rights were not taken away.
By: Gianna, Alexis, Eduardo, Quetzalya
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