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Anca Dobrescu

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of WK

Over the past centuries, humans have had a profound impact on Europe’s natural environment.

In many instances it has been damaged beyond recognition through activities such as deforestation, intensification of farming practices, illegal logging, draining of wetlands and urbanization.

However, in Europe there are regions where natural forests, traditional landscapes and farming communities still exist. One of the most magnificent of these is the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Nowadays, in Europe there are only 1% of the formerly pristine forests: half of them there are in Romania and they serve as a shelter for half of the European population of wolves, bears and lynxes.

However, many Romanians are unaware of their incredible unique environment. ROMANIA's NATURAL HERITAGE Wild Kingdom is the name of The European Nature Trust’s educational program, whose purpose is to educate and inspire the Romanian children with love towards the unique nature of this country, proud of
their natural heritage which they will leave as a legacy to the future generations.

In our first module, which will take place during the scholar year 2012-2013, we will teach children aged 10 to 14, about:
the last remaining European pristine forests in Romania,
the biodiversity which exists in these forests
species inter dependency
brutal human interference and its effects.

The educational materials are developed such to be will be easy to understand, fun to follow and highly interactive. This whole program, is approved and sustained by the Ministry of Education. Introducing THE WILD KINGDOM THE PROGRAM WILL TAKE PLACE IN A LONDON DOUBLE DECKER BUS, TRANSFORMED INTO A MOBILE EDUCATIONAL CENTER Wild Kingdom starts in March 2013 and will visit the schools in and around Brasov area, in the south direction, up to Campulung Muscel.

The school visits are taking place according to a pre-agreed schedule by the Wild Kingdom team with the School Principals and the Coordinator Teachers.

The classes will be taught during the normal school schedule, having a regular lesson length: 50’. WHEN ? WHY? The program has been designed to be highly intuitive and interactive; children will learn mainly by playing, by using the power of multi-media and role-playing.

The lessons are led by 2 qualifies trainers, which are in a permanent dialogue with the children, embedding short video presentations with discussions, game exercises with the whole group, with mini eco-laboratories in the special designed space at the first level of the Double Decker.

Complete materials, structured lessons are available for the Coordinating Teachers, with which they can continue the children’s education, until the next visit of the Wild Kingdom. HOW? On our website and Facebook page, we will have a base of more than 10 additional support lessons for different domains, from Chemistry to Romanian Literature.

The underlying mission will be to protect the forest and its benefits:
historical, providing shelter and resource throughout our history
the muse for all our writers and poets
its economical and geographical benefits Follow up activities ROMANIA's NATURAL HERITAGE Unfortunately, illegal (or legal) deforestation is alarmingly high and if we don’t take action NOW, it will be too late to save these incredible forests and wildlife sanctuaries. If the actual rhythm is kept, Romania will loose its virgin forest in less than 50 years.

We must all understand that there is more long term value in a standing forest, than a destroyed one. There are many examples in and outside Europe of how NOT to manage forests, so that is no need to add another failure to an already too long list. Upon the education of the people of this country, the fate of this country depends.
Benjamin Disraeli Romanian Ministry of Education
Antipa Natural Science Museum
Ioanid School&Kindergarten
Transylvania University, Brasov
Utrecht University
Therapeutic Center "Albatros", Constanta
Sfera Business - Training company
Customer Service School - Training company
Ecologists & Social Media Experts Our sincere gratefulness for the inspiration and the contribution brought to building the curricula go to: Playing "HOME" - interactive game, a simulation of the aggression of mankind over animals ( group of 5-10 children will have at their disposal a limited area and will play the animals role in a forest. At the beginning we will simulate a pristine habitat with all flora and fauna in place. The other children in the class will form a human chain and will get closer to the "animals" who will have diminished space, will lose the ability to survive for a number of reasons.

Explaining the species interdependency: present a board with living elements and ask children to save 3 species from extinction and explain why. Purpose: understanding that all life is interconnected. Examples of interactive activities during our program Children remain connected and involved:

* They are encouraged to follow statements of the visits from other schools, to change impressions and ideas with their colleagues. The Wild Kingdom’s website and the Facebook page are two platforms which facilitates the group interaction.

* They are motivated to continue its formation of true Wild Kingdom Knights by giving them personal worth's and prizes to the school/classroom of which they belong.

* They are empowered to transmit the learning and our message to their friends, to whom we haven’t reached and their families. IN BETWEEN VISITS Dan Moraru - Partnership Development Manager, Romania
Email: dan@theeuropeannaturetrust.com
Mobile: +40 722 221 655

Anca Dobrescu - Wild Kingdom Project Coordinator,
Email: anca@theeuropeannaturetrust.com
Mobile: +40 721 817 387

TENT Romania – 28th Stefan Negulescu street, 1st floor, district 1, Bucharest Thank you! You already made a big step by reading this presentation. There is still, a little step to be made. We are here: Copyright © 2011 Victoria Hillman Probably you haven’t heard about us. It’s normal, as besides the ‘Wild Carpathia’ documentary- called by the international press “the most beautiful documentary ever made about Romania"– our work is unfolding and is done having as main purpose the wildlife protection. Now it’s the time to find out more... We cannot hope in a better fresh future without offering to the ones whose future depends on it, the education for mind and soul, which they deserve to expect from us. WHERE ?
*15,000 children/visits realized during 2013

*100 Active Coordinating Teachers in the Program

*500 taught lessons in total during our visits in over 100 schools in the Brasov area.

*1,000 lessons taught by the Coordinating Teachers in between our visits. OBTAINED RESULTS Join us and help us preserve Romania’s “Wild Kingdom”, a unique landscape on a global scale!

We have the ambition to build, with your help, the children most beloved educational program and the most appreciated by the rest of Romania!

Let’s honor and maintain together this priceless natural treasure and, along the way, to offer our children the education for the mind and soul, which they have the right to expect from us! YOU CAN CHOOSE THE MANNER TO GET INVOLVED *Main Supporter of Wild Kingdom - 1 position, expected financial support: 20,000 euro/year

*Supporter of Wild Kingdom - 2 positions, expected financial support: 20,000 euro/year

*Knight of Wild Kingdom, by supporting certain operational costs of our program, in money or by offering free goods or services.

*Volunteer of Wild Kingdom, participant to the actions of our program; the costs of participation being covered by yourself.
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