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Elle Romano

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of St.Perpetua

Information page
Saint"s Full Name:
St.Perpetuas Story
St.Perpetua was an incredibly strong woman. as of March 7 in approximately the year 203, St.Perpetua daringly made the decision to become a Christian, fully aware of the consequence of death. As her father was understandably concerned, he tried to stop her. In return Perpetua said to her father pointing to a jar "See that jar of water? Can you call it by any other name than what it is?"
"Of course not" her father responded
"Neither can i call myself by any other name than what i am-- a Christian" Perpetua replied. This response made her father furious that he chose to attack her! So stunned by her fathers negative response to her honest words, Perpetua then decided to be separated from him for a little while. As a result of her decision she was arrested and imprisoned along with four others consisting of: Felicity, Revocatus, Saturninus and Secundulus.
Before she was taken to prison, she was baptized. She has shared that and the time of her baptism, she was told to pray for nothing but endurance in the face of her trials. She has been known for her honorable gift of "the LORD"s speech" and the receiving of messages from God, thus making her a prophet. Being imprisoned was a horrifying experience. The prison was crowded and the heat was suffocating she had said that she "had never seen such darkness" as there no was no light as well. The guards were not of any help as they without a care in the world: pushed and shoved. All of this pain was blurred as for the most excruciating pain of all was the only pain in focus-- her separation from her baby. Begging for Perpetua to give in, her father, mother and brother came to her with her baby. They begged and begged at her feet and kissing her hands. Again, Perpetua being the strong and wise woman she is she said "we lie not in our own power, but in the power of God." Many, including the judge tried to change her mind! I wouldn't be surprised, she had everything to live for including youth, a family, a marriage and a child still nursing. None of these many things convinced her to change her mind. In the end she was martyred by being be-headed in honor of king Ceasars birthday. Her last words were "Stand fast in the faith, and love one another" and they were to her brother whom followed in her footsteps.

Oh St.Perpetua, patron of separation. and gifted with the LORD's speech.
Help us in are daily lives to emualte your loyalty to God. Through thick, through thin, and, through death, loyal you have stayed.
Help those who have strayed from the path of Jesus to avoid humiliation and teach them the strength you have demonstrated so brilliantly throughout your life.
Help those who have been separated from those loved due to war or persecution.
During a time of confirmation help us to have the same outlook on faith as you, so we may grow to be a better Christian to better reflect you.
Please St.Perpetua, teach us your ways so that we may be closer to you and to God.
Perpetua's Demonstration of the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Her Powerful Demonstration of Human Dignity
St.Vibia Perpetua
Feast Day:
March, 7
Patron of:
Single moms, separation
Birth/Death Dates:
Special Quality or Virtue I Wish to Emulate
I wish to emulate St.Perpetuas impeccable qualities of: bravery, strength, and her undying perssistance and loyalty to her faith. These qualities are brilliantly expressed by the following. Her bravery was demonstrated as she accepted her dispicable destiny; to be put into an arena with wild animals. Her strength shone through as she made it out of the arena barely alive and pulling through with being separated from her child and family. Her amazing loyalty to her faith was to crucially put to the test basically her entire life throughout all the tough times she has been through including her death risking and sacrificing all she has to live for, all for her loyalty to God.
St.Perpetua seamlessly demonstrates the gift of courage. She is courageous in several different ways. She was extremely courageous to make the decision to become a Christian, while having everything to live for, putting her life in danger. She had the courage to make huge sacrifices for her faith.
I think that the fruit of self control always played a huge part in St.Perpetua's entire life. There was a lot of self-control that needed to be envolved deciding to become a Christian. Think about it, to sacrifice you life for your faith requires a whole new level of self-control. She was offered multiple times to turn on her faith in order to stay alive. If that were me I would find it to be extremely difficult sacrifice to make.
Human dignity is the right to be treated equally. Unfortunately for St.Perpetua as a Christian during her time, equality was the last thing you would describe one as. Being a Christian during that time caused death to many. They thought it was amusing to watch Christians in an arena filled with wild boars, tigers, and hyenas. Meanwhile today, we are one of the most powerful religions in the world and have every right to human dignity. St.Perpetua didn't let these set backs get in the way between her and her human dignity. She stood up for her rights and others. During her punishment of being in that horrid arena she noticed that one of the five of them there, St.Felicity was on the ground suffering while being 8 months pregnant! She knew this right. She knew this wasn't the proper treatment for those who were seen as different due to her beliefs. Without hesitation putting her life in further danger she went to go help poor St.Felicity. It takes a lot of strength to stick up for one others human dignity putting yours into more danger than it is already in. She stood up for not only herself but also for others. Due to her heroic actions both of them were let out of the arena. The difference one can make by a simple action to preserve one's dignity is strong enough to change someones faith. No they did not let them free but they at least waited for the baby to be delivered until their execution. One other act that St.Perpetua made was about a day before they were to be martyred they were dressed in rags! They were fed like mice! This was unacceptable to St.Perpetua. With confidence she approached one of the guards and said "AS our lives are being taken in honor of king Ceasar's birthday, shouldn't we look at best?" blushing the guards immedietly brought them better clothes and food.
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