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How to fade out in prezi

here is how to do the latest trick in prezi in a few simple steps!

Rachi Panchal

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of How to fade out in prezi

So. . .
What's the latest trick in Prezi. . .
. . .that has all the viewers mesmerized?
It's fading. . .
Here's how to do it!
First of all, decide what you want to disappear!
I'll do this!
Also make sure to have either a white or black background (It's much easier - I'll change mine)
Upload an image exactly the same colour as your background.
Right here!
Then place it over your picture.
Then you go to edit path and select the frame that has the item you want to disappear. Apply the fade - in effect to the white/black square!
And you're DONE!!
But. . . you can't apply it to backgrounds with more than one color.
If you know how. . . then make a prezi on it!
Made by . . .
Prezi apprentice . . .
Rachi P.
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