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Interpersonal Careers and Professions

Information about people smart careers and professions.

Tiffany Clark

on 4 January 2011

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Transcript of Interpersonal Careers and Professions

Click anywhere & add an idea Orthopedic Surgeon Overview Orthopedic Surgeon Profession One year of general surgery training Four years in Orthopedic Surgery Training The average salary per year is between $222,735 and $719,781 Being drawn toward this job Dental insurance Medical and prescription insurance Accidental Life Insurance Types of people who can fulfill Orthopedics People who are into medics People who are interpersonal or "people smart" People who want to help others when they hurt a certain bone Four years of college Pathway Qualifications PHD High score on GPA in Medical School Take MCAT's in junior year of college Take the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) Good communication skills Recieve letters of recommendation Complete an orthopedic surgery residency Take licensing exam for practicing doctor Video on how to become an Orthopedic Surgeon A Day in the life Wake up at around four or five in the morning. Go to the hospital. Checks on the patients that have either just had surgery or will have surgery. Performs surgery on patients. Helps train interns that have just come out of college and want to fullfil the career of an orthopedic surgeon. Lunch time. Goes to meet several patients all with different situtations. Attends meeting with many other orthopedists and discuss new medical techniques. Goes home and starts the cycle again. Pro/Cons Pros Cons Average salary is between $222,735 and $719,781 Flexible scheduling options which include a Monday - Friday scheduale with no weekends or evenings. Multiple insurance options: Dental, prescription, and flexible spending accounts. About four weeks of vacation a year. Option of working with an age group. Option of what part of the body to perform surgery on. Working in a hospital or in an office. Around the clock work hours. Hours cause you to not be able to atend certain family gatherings. Reflection What I like about Orthopedic Surgery What I don't like about Orthopedic Surgery The salary (between $222,735 and $719,781). The insurance options. Vacation options. The work area (it's a small area which I like). Options on which age group I can work with. Option on which part of the body I can work on. The work hours(around the clock). The fact that I will miss out on family gatherings do to the work hours. Non stop work (even at home). Orthopedic Surgeon: A doctor that specializes in the repairing of the human skelatal system. Works Cited Business Owner/Manaagement Qualifications Forms Needed Form 2553. Election by a Small Business Corporation
Form SS-4. Application for Employer Identification Number
Form I-9. Employment Eligibility Vertification
Sample Income Statement (Profit and Loss Statement)
Sample Cash Flow Statement
Sample Balance Sheet
Sample Purchase Order
Sample Invoice
Sample Job Description
Sample Job Application
Form W-4. Employee's Withholding Allowance Certification
Sample Performance Review Suggested Courses or Experience Suggested Experience-work for a few years as a manager to understand money issues and employee needs and/or standards.
Suggested Experience- work n a job of the type of business you plan on opening for experience on what is neededto be don and what employees might need to get the job done right.
Suggested Courses- Any management courses that can help in the business ou are planning to open. Pros and Cons Cons If your business fails you probably lost everything lose all your money could lose house, car, almost everything might never recover finacially Owning a business is like
gamballing. There is a
chance that you will fail. More Responsibilities Have to keep employees happy and obey any and all laws that employs employee standards and restrictions must follow all saftey procedures and take care of any hazardous situation from fires to strikes to even fights between employees. must set rules for you and employees the business's money is
not your money Large Taxes must pay large taxes small business owners
may be taxed more Pros you own a business this is something to be proud of you can have pride in ownership people do respect you more Finacial income As business grows so will your
income and you will start to earn
a larger salary. at the start business owners can make
$60,000 a year. ovetime people will
invest in your business Benefits you control the hours you have
throughout the week business owners can take multiple
vacations to help sooth stress form
running a business "Employee Benefits". Employee Benefits. December 4, 2010.

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<http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=medical+careers+%3A+How+to+become+an+Orthopedic+Surgeon> An Overview of a Business Owner The job of a business manager is a world filled with posibilities. This job is considered to be a profession because to most business owners it is a passion. In both prespectives in can be veiwed. This job is mainly about planning, money managment, and marketing. This job has many resposnibilities of paying employees buying goods or services, selling goods or services, and being competitive throughout prices. What draws people to this job is that people feel a pride in ownership and they like feeling that they are in charge. The type of person that is needed to fill this job is a person willing to risk it all. Someone with leadership and pride of ownership. This person will have to be ambitious and not be foolish. Athletic Trainer What you need to become an athletic trainer - Bachelors Degree is usually common
-You can also have a Doctorite or a Masters Degree
- You will work long hours Allen, Mark
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"So youwant to be an orthopaedic surgeon"
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Volume 79-A, NO. 4 Davis, Bets, MFA
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Healthwise.com Pathway The pathway to owning a business is to work in business like it and in different fields of the business. The suggested way is to work in a business to where you become a manager. Work as a manager for a few years to gain experience in running a business. By then when you decide to quite this job you can prove to money loaning businesses and investors that you can handle a business and make it a good one. Journal #24 Revised The favorite thing about my job is that you have to have pride of your business. Many business owners agree that in order to succeed in business you must have pride in your business. This quote came from thr book of starting a business "How to Start a Business in New Hampshire. This means to me that in order to succeed that you must have pride in your business and to like the business you run. If you have no pride in your business it won't work porperly or it's just that this isn't the type of business you wanted to go into and should have gone into the business you wanted to do.
PRO'S Business manager Entrepreneurer Web, copyright- ISeek and various colleges advertising business colleges, date accessed- 12/20/10
http://education.iseek.com/iseek/clean/result.html?tr=http%3a%2f%2fwww.entrepreneurshipweb.com%2fguide%2fguideid%2f15.htm&tq=http%3a%2f%2feducation.iseek.com%2fiseek%2fsearch.nav.html%3fc%3d38e28643az12d0536b728%26et%3d%26ex%3d(v0)(v3)(v1)(v5)(x3)(x4)(x5)(x6)(v4)%26p%3d1%26rs%3d%26rsd%3d&title=How+to+become+a+Business+Owner+%7c+Entrepreneurship+Web&q=What+pathway+is+needed+to+become+a+business+owner CON's Athletic Trainer The pathway to owning a business is to work in business like it and in different fields of the business. The suggested way is to work in a business to where you become a manager. Work as a manager for a few years to gain experience in running a business. By then when you decide to quite this job you can prove to money loaning businesses and investors that you can handle a business and make it a good one. Reflection The answers to the "Big 7" in which will tell the work envirement that I like to work in.
1. I like to work with myself quietly but also with others so that I don't get bored.
2. To me the big idea is more important than the details. People can easily understand the big picture easily.
3. I love to be the leader but I also like to follow to see both sides and other people's point of veiw.
4. For me I say that persuading someone with words most likly will have a greater effect.
5. I prefer to use both data and people. Data tells me what I need to do but people show me what I need to do.
6. I prefer to work inside rather than out. Inside there is not much weather effects and working in areas that are limited usually makes me think better and stay on task because I feel as if I must get things done.
7. To clear your head of everything else other thaan the task and figuring out how to finish the task is when you know you are focused. Reflection Reflection
Reflection Reflection Reflection Reflection Reflection A Day In LIFE A day in life for a business owner is stressful but fun. Business owners are very busy throughout there workdays. They usually have to check inventory and manage bills, salaries, taxes, and many other money using problems. They also take care of customers and work out business deals with other businesses. Business owners have to watch their gross and income for improvement and must find ways to raise these. Business owners jobs can also be fun. Business owners can choose their own hours and control what people, who work in the business, can and can't do as long as these rules don't break any laws. Usually all of this is stressful for a business owner so business owners usually go on more vacations a year or do what they consider calming in order to help relieve stress. Erin Shedd Erin Shedd is a manager at the Bretton Woods ski lodge and works in the rental section of the ski lodge. Erin Shedd is the person I interviewed since she held the closest job to owning a business. As a manger Erin runs all of the rental section. In the past years that she has worked there she has turned one of the most unsuccessful business in the ski lodge into one of the most successful business in the ski lodge. Since Erin has become manager sales have been up and she even had won an award from the company because of how good she is as a manager and for being able to turn the rental area into one of the most successful businesses while under the age of 30. Interveiw- person interviewed; Erin Shedd, place interviewed; Bretton Woods ski lodge, date that interveiw took place; 12-19-10 To become an Orthopedic Surgeon, you first need four years of college. While in college, you need four years of science bachelor degrees. You also must take four sciences including Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, and Biology. You will also need four years of Orthopedic training school where you will learn to become an Orthopedic Surgeon. After that you will need one year of General Surgeon Training. Then you are off to become an Orthopedic Surgeon. -Work with others -Long hours -Medical Training -Good pay - Sometimes you have to work weekends - Can't be an Athletic Trainer unless you have a Bachelor's Degree -Long hours might get in the way of others things planned - Have to travel -Can watch games A Day In The Life - Wake up
- Go to Medical Training classes
- Practice taping, bandaging, and treating anything people might need
- Go to the game with the team
- Bandage anyone that get's hurt or needs taping
- Go home -Get ready for the next day
Qualifications -Bachelors Degree
-Four years of college -Master's Degree
-Doctoral Degree Reflection What I like Work Long Hours Work with a lot of different people Learn how to tell what's wrong with a patient What I don't like Work Weekends Have to be fast at finding problems and fixing them Salary and Facts http://www.mshealthcareers.com/careers/athletictrainer.htm Information and details on what they do http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos294.htm Other details http://www.mayo.edu/mshs/at-career.html "MHA Health Careers Center"
Career Outlook 2004
December 14, 2010 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics " " December 17, 2009 December 14, 2010 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research " " December 14, 2010 Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVQlzNPyBJc Pathway You first need to go to college. YOu need to get a Bachelor's degree, master's degree, or a doctoral degree. You then need to find a place to work. study all of the parts of the body. learn how to tape, bandage, treat and help heal injuries people have. You need to be abl to work with many different types of people. you also need to be able to work weekends and long hours at a time. State University, Business Management, copyright-State University, date accessed 12/16/10, http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/645/SmallBusinessowner.html How To Start A Business In New Hampshire, Jere L. Calmes, 2004, copyright- Entrepreneur Media Inc., date accessed- 12/1/10
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