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Old Yeller

No description

Markantony Negron

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Old Yeller

ld Yeller: By Fred Gips n
Characters and Character Traits
Travis: Travis is a responsible 14 year old young man who is the man of the family and takes care of Mama and Little Arliss. Travis is loyal, mature, trustworthy, and never gives up.
Old Yeller: Old Yeller is a dog that Travis found stealing a piece of meat. The family decides to keep him, although Travis was not fond of him. Old Yeller is strong and loyal and willing to protect his family.
Little Arliss: Arliss is Travis's little 5 year old brother who is usually stubborn. When he gets mad he tends to throw rocks at people.
Mama: Mama is a very responsible and kind woman. Keeping on top of all of her work and kids.
Rising Action
The rising action of Old Yeller is the process of Travis growing attached to Old Yeller when he saves Travis and his family many times.
Step 4
The plot of Old Yeller is a boy named Travis finds a dog and dislikes him because of his stealing habits. Travis then grows attached to Old Yeller. Old Yeller becomes wounded from a pack of hogs and then later catches a disease called Hydrophobia from a wolf. Travis is then forced to shoot Old Yeller because of the Hydrophobia.
Favorite Character
My favorite character in Old Yeller is Little Arliss. Little Arliss is my favorite character because he brings a little bit of comedy into the story. He throws rocks when he gets mad and tells many lies, so I can relate to him a little.
Favorite Part of the Book
My favorite part of the book is after Old Yeller fights the rabid wolf to protect the family and Travis is forced to shoot him because of the disease Old Yeller caught when he got bitten. This is my favorite part of the book because it is the most devastating and tragic part in the book, making the reader feel for Travis and Old Yeller.
The theme of Old Yeller is the meaning of adulthood and a boys passage into adulthood.
The climax of Old Yeller is when Old Yeller fights a wolf who had rabies and he got bit. Travis had to decide whether to shoot Old Yeller or to wait and see if he actually got rabies. Travis couldn't put his family in that much danger so he had to shoot and kill Old Yeller.
The resolution of Old Yeller is when Lisbeth gives Travis a another dog. After shooting Old Yeller he realizes that the puppy is just a smaller version of Old Yeller when he steals Momma's cornbread.
Bunch of Boars
Diseased Bull
Old Yeller
The conflict in Old Yeller is that Travis needs to protect his family from any kind of danger. There is a disease being spread called Hydrophobia and Travis needs to make sure his family is not affected.
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