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No description

Kaylee Jeter

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Baking

What is baking
Baking is the art of making sweets and bread
How to bake
Mixing certain ingredients by following a recipe creating your own
A lot of recipes use flour
Mixing certain ingredients by following a recipe or creating your own
Where should you bake
You should bake in a kitchen because it would be hard to bake somewhere else
What is needed to bake
Bowls, pots, pans, mixers, food dyes, ingredients, and lots of other things
What you can bake
Using Chocolate
Never use water when melting it
Only use gel or powder food coloring to dye it
If it's too thick put some vegetable shortening in it
Folding Techniques
When folding use a silicone spatula
Types of frosting
Butter cream
Italian meringue butter cream
Swiss meringue butter cream
Royal icing
cream cheese frosting
and many more
Doubling Ingredients
When doubling ingredients, double them in your head or add the measurement twice
Cookie Shapes
If you want cookies to keep their shape, put them in the freezer for about 5 minutes
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