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No description

Jennifer Kim

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Kindergarden

2nd Grade
1st Grade
4th Grade
mr.buchanan is still my first man teacher.4th grade was fun than what i expect than it was. The best part of fourth grade is the "marble jar treat". together (our class) try to fill the jar with marble doing good stufff like homework and obeying. my best marble jar treat was the water fight. the best game we had at the water fight we got a sponge and through at Mr.buchanan's face.kkkk.
5th Grade
fifth grade was the hardest year from the whole elementary. we did lot of reviews for middle school.
2 semester we have meeting with ms.kirstead and with mr.dewey and more people. i like having dona.isly as my portuguese teacher she is very funny and kind as a bird watching its nest.5th grade is like to find a key to enter the middle school door.
3rd Grade
Again we were the last class(class of 2024) of mrs.de boer. We had a party because
she was leaving Brasil and
celebrate how she was a good teacher for us. i remember at the science project me,
katie, and Anvita made a project of a ferris wheele it was
fun cause we learned mor about each other. We became best friends
and always be together.We help each
other when we need help.
Growing at Elementary
I liked having nap time after lunch recess. My
best Senior buddy was Anna.She gave me a present for children days
The class 2024 were the last class of Miss. meacham. we liked her cause she was kind. to us. the best semester was the 2nd semester cause it was science. at science class she pretend that Miss.Marvelous me was her twin sister, but actually its Miss.Meacham act different like they weren't same.
At second grade we went to a park called "cidades das crianças". Me Mateus,augusto and Natalie were a group.When we were at the Ferris Wheele the boys start saying "peace and love"
My life in elementary was like a tree growing. When i was in kindergarten i felt like a tree seed. but after time going by i felt that i was growing fast. while learning i learned lot about the bible. i liked to represent my life as a tree, because while i am learning and growing, the same time in school i became a christian and spread my tree good with fruits(the fruit that could represent good word, "the fruit of the spirit")
i love nap
elementary teachers!!
ms.de boer
5th grade!
thank you for watching
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