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Mobile Teachnology

Smarter Classrooms: Maximizing Mobile Devices for Language Teaching and Learning

paul forster

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Teachnology

A Digital profile Teachnology Paul Forster Take a photo of your group Send the photo (<1MB) in an email to icte@posterous.com Share Discover SCAN Connect Create Cameras Email Blogs What Mobile device(s)(MD)do you carry? What influenced your choice? Discuss How do you feel about the use of MDs in class? What do you students do on their MDs? Do you use your MD for teaching and/or learning? polling vot.rs
93989 https://www.mentimeter.com/s/37358b629c45f41e5d4f0123405a2871 Quizzes m.socrative.com
Room # 33622 connect with the class How much aussie slang do you know? http://m.socrative.com/lecturer/#quiz QR CODES 2D Quick Reference matrix link static text to multimedia content embed text in code form jigsaw tasks done on MDs free App for all MDs mobilize Ss with treasure hunts enable self-access/extension tasks App attack 48 billion downloads 2011-2012 games, productivity, reference Your experiences? Your Apps?? Your recommendations? Build a PLN #edtech #mlearning Ongoing learning Share:
http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/LTIwODQxNjI3NzA more than one response do + see = motivation customise quizzes provide instant feedback collect reports connected through technology Our Digital learners What is Mobile Learning? In this workshop... dictionary.com app Google Drive (Cloud storage) StudyBlue (Vocabulary) Evernote (notes, feedback) SoundsPron App (Phonemic Chart) OneStop English (ideas) Grammar apps “learning mediated via handheld devices and available anytime, anywhere.” (Kukuksla-Hulme & Shield, 2008) http://clesol.posterous.com Situated Interactive disconnected from reality http://bit.ly/QuieTk Attach the photo to an email, add a title (subject) and add a description.
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