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The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

No description

jacey vendryes

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall
Author of The Book: Katie Alender
Presentation By: Jacey Vendryes

A girl named Delia gets an asylum after her great aunt Cordelia dies. They were going to stay at the asylum which was called Hysteria Hall (it was only for girls) so they could clean, and get it ready for selling. But, something went completely wrong, the night that they came, Delia some how fell out of a window and died. Yet, at first she didn't know she did until her parents came in and started to panic. After the police and paramedics came, Delia's family left. She tried to run after them, but she couldn't leave the mansion gates. And after 4 years of training from other ghosts called Eliza and Florence to pick up things, and to get through walls and doors and attacking her best friend Nic out of anger, Delia's mother and sister Junie come back. But Junie doesn't go as Junie anymore she goes by as June, and she went goth after her sisters death and only came back to learn what really happened to Delia. So, what really happened to Delia? Why is she stuck at Hysteria Hall?
You would like this book if you like
Horror and or Creepy
for more of the teens and middle schoolers
How many ghosts did you see?
Read out loud
-Delia- The Extreme main character, she inherited Hysteria Hall from her great aunt Cordelia and dies she's now a ghost
-Eliza- She's a ghost who was very skilled at escaping but they strapped bells to her wrists to know where she was at all times.
-Florence- A friend of Eliza's who helps Delia get through walls
-Landon- Delia's ex-boyfriend, he comes back with Nic to find out what happened to Delia.
-Nic- Nic stands for Nicola and she was Delia's friend but Delia almost kills her
-Theo- The 5th ghost Delia meets and they become good friends, and is the only boy ghost there
-Maria- A ghost , She looks completely broken
-Rosie and Posie- the 3rd and 4th ghosts that Delia meets.
-Delia's Mom and Dad- Shortly after Delia's death they get a divorce and Delia's Mom and Junie come back to find out what really happened
-Junie/June- Delia's little sister, she was the most beautiful of the family having clear blue eyes, and totally blonde hair, but shortly after Delia's death she goes goth
-The house- It is using a strange force to keep the girls from leaving
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