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Spirited Away

No description

Kellan tran

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Spirited Away

Open to change
Spirited Away
Chihiro Before

Chihiro is a ten-year-old girl moving to a new town with her parents
They stop by an abandoned fairground
Her parents are turned into pigs and Chihiro is trapped in the Spirit World
Chihiro has to get a job or Yubaba will turn her into an animal
Chihiro struggles through many trials to find a way to turn her parents back and return to the mortal world
Unwilling to change
Dependent on her parents
Doesn't want to make new friends
Chihiro's parents turn into pigs
Yubaba takes Chihiro's name
Cleaning the "Stink Spirit"
No-Face eats people
Haku is injured
Zeniba wants her magic seal back
Gets a job working for Yubaba working at the bathhouse to save her parents
Chihiro cleans the "stink spirit"; reveals it to be a river spirit
Chihiro uses the medicine to cure Haku and No-Face
Chihiro gets Zeniba's seal back and returns it
Chihiro helps Haku remember his name
Chihiro saves her parents
Presentation by
Kellan Tran and Samantha Prado

What are some factors that make Spirited Away a bildungsroman genre? Can you think of others that we have not mentioned?
Who took Chihiro's name?
Where did Chihiro get the medicine from?
Whose life did Chihiro save?
What does Chihiro's new name, Sen, represent?
Why did No-Face turn into a monster?
What do you think No-Face represents in the film?
Chihiro After
Hayao Miyazaki's
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