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Runner book presentation

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sam miller

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Runner book presentation

Runner Presentation
by Sam Miller Main Characters Protagonists and Antagonists In the story Runner there are three main protagonists. The protagonists in Runner are Chance, his father and Melissa. In the book, there are two main antagonists. The antagonists in Runner are the Fat Guy and the terrorists. Main Conflict Chance is a high school student living with his alcoholic dad who has lost his job. They are about to lose their boat house, which is the only place they can afford to live in. One day Chance is met by the Fat Guy and is given a high paying job offer to deliver mysterious packages. Chance does not hesitate to take it. Chance knows what he earns, but does not know how the consequences will later affect him. Setting The story Runner by Carl Deuker takes place in the present day city of Seattle. In the setting, Chance lives with his father on a small run down sail boat in a marina. Another important place in the story is the park where Chance picks up the packages. The last significant place is the high school Chance goes to. Rating I rate the book Runner by Carl Deuker a three out of ten. I rate Runner a three for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that the book is slow paced. Another reason is that the book has few rising action events that made the book a little boring to me. Romeo and Juliet Relation The Shakespeare themes Runner has that can be found in Romeo and Juliet are: consequences and desperation. Consequences and desperation are found in Romeo and Juliet when Romeo kills Tybalt. The consequence is banishment. Desperation is found when Juliet reveals to Friar Lawrence she is willing to kill herself to get out of the second marriage with Paris. In Runner these themes are found when Chance runs out of options and in desperation takes the job. The consequences in Runner are shown when Chance loses his dad to the terrorists. Personal Connection A connection I made to the character Chance in Runner is that we both sometimes consider ourselves to be invisible. Chance and I consider ourselves to be invisible because we both at times prefer to keep our mouths shut. Quotation "I vanish from the high school as soon as the final bell at the end of the day rings. I was one of the ghost walkers in school." Runner pg 4 (Deuker). Quote Significance The significance of this quote is that it relates to the personal connection I made with Chance. This quote reveals how invisible Chance is to people at school, which is a thing I do sometimes when I do not feel like talking. Just in case someone wants more information on the background of the story. Book
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