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Can soaking a piece of gum in lemon juice keep the gum from

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Mollie Hodgkiss

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Can soaking a piece of gum in lemon juice keep the gum from

* Lemon juice
*Dr Pepper
While researching I found out that lemon juice keeps soft fruits from getting hard so I wanted to see that if putting gum in lemon juice will keeping from getting hard while drinking Dr pepper, water, and Gatorade.
Water: did not get hard stayed soft the whole time I was drinking the water and even after.

Gatorade: did not get hard, tasted the same after even with the different flavor of the drink, and the gum.

Dr pepper: did not get hard, different chemicals in the drink didn't do any thing, the coldness of the drink did not make the gum hard.
Can soaking a piece of gum in lemon juice keep the gum from getting hard while drinking different beverages?
Soaking a piece of gum in lemon juice will keep the gum from getting hard while drinking different beverages.
The chemical reactions that occurred was desegregation. The lemon juice denigrated little pockets in the gum leaving spaces for lemon juice to stay on he gum so that the gum does not get hard while drinking the Dr pepper, water, or Gatorade.
Water: Got hard and took a long time to get soft, got cold.

Gatorade: got hard really quickly, never got soft until was taken out of mouth and exposed to air.

Dr pepper: got hard really fast because of all of the different chemicals, took all nite to get soft, coldness of the drink also made gum harder.
1. Soak a piece of gum in lemon juice over night
2. Record chemical reactions in the gum, and differences in the gum after it had been in the lemon juice.
3. Eat the piece of gum and drink the Dr pepper, water, and the Gatorade.
4. Record the softness or hardness over the gum when done drinking the three beverages.
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