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Julias Caesar; The Man

The Life And Death Gaiuss Julias Caaesar.

Nicole Goodman

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Julias Caesar; The Man

Friends... Brutus Pompey Antony Antony Always Stood By Caesar,
Wanting To Avenge His Death. He
Shook Hends With All The Murderers
To Show Who And Who Did Not Kill
Caesar. Brutas Was Cato's Nephew And Caesasras Best Friend. He Wanted What The People Wanted. He Was Tricked Into Thinking The People Wanted Caesar Dead, So He Gathered The Others And Murdered Caesar, His Sword Being The Last To Enter. Pompey Was Silla's Right-Hand Man.
He Was Also One Of Julius Caesar's
Good Friends. When He Waged War On
Caesar, He Fled To Egypt Where He
Was Murdered. Caesar Was Very Upset To
See Pompey's Head, Seeing He Was Coming
To Make Peace. Enemys... Cato Silla Although Cato Was A Good Guy,
He Didn't Believe In Dictatorship.
He Killed Himself Out Of Pride
When Caesar Came To Make
Peace. He Thought Caesar Was
Going To Kill Him So He Used
His Own Sword. Silla Was A Cruel Ruler.
He Wanted Caesar Dead
Because Caaesar Had The
Guts To Stand Up To Him
And Refuse Him. He Ordered
Pompey To Kill Him, But
Pompey Instead Helped Him. Julius Caesar; Hero Or Villian Family Julia Aurelia Julia Was Caesar's Daughter
With His First Wife. She Later
Married Pompey And Conceived
A Baby Boy. Julia And The Child
Were Killed In Birth. Julius' Mom. She Died
When He Was 35. Death Julius Caesar Was Stabbed To Death By The Council Members. It Is Said That He Died At The Base Of Pompeys Statue. He Declined The Crown Many Times But Some Still Feared He Was Too Powerful.
His Wife, Calpurnia, Warned Him Not To Go To The Meeting. She Explained That She Had A Dream Of Him Dying. He Wasn't Going To Go, But Brutus Convinced Him. A Prophet Had Warned Him To Beware The Ides (15) Of March, When He Was Killed. Life Born; July 12 100 B.C
Married; Cornelia, Pompeia, Calpurnia
He Had An Affair With Cleopatra And
Had A Son Who Was Later Killed By
Caesar's Adopted Son, Octavius.
Was At War When His Daughter Died.
Kidnapped By Pirates, But then Made Friends With Them.

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