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Spread of Christianity In Medieval Europe

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touch typist

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Spread of Christianity In Medieval Europe

Spread of Christianity In Medieval Europe
The Work of Missionaries
The spread of Christianity in early middle ages of Europe was due to the work of missionaries which was more which started around 500 A.D. These Missionaries were committed Christians who wanted to spread the Gospel and were usually men. They traveled from village to village like St. Dominic in our school who charged to spread the Gospel. Many Missionaries were made Saints by the church to recognize their efforts. The missionaries were most successful when they converted a king to Christian because then the kingdom would become Christian too.
Who were some of the missionaries
and their works.
Where did Christianity Start for it to spread across Medieval europe.?
Since Christianity is a popular religion that spread rapidly it must have originated somewhere in in the medieval era. In the medieval era Christianity and Islam were great religions although Christianity spread faster in that era. Christianity started rising and spreading in Roman Empire in 400 A.D. Even though Christianity started to make a rise in 400 A.D a conversion had to take place In the Roman Empire for Christianity across the whole of Medieval Europe.
Where did Christianity spread?
How is Christianity spread nowadays
From 400 A.D to 2013 Christianity is still being spread even to this very day. Nowadays you'll find Christianity being preached in the Church but that’s not the only place because there are still some missionaries spreading and teaching Christianity. One of the most widespread missionaries in Australia are the Mormons. Looking back on how Christianity spread it is clear that missionaries even to this day played a vital role in making Christianity one of the most widespread religions in the world.
In 400 A.D Christian land had spread to
> Jerusalem
> Alexendria
> Carthage
> Dover

By 1000 A.D Christian land had spread to
> Canterbury
> Paris
>The wales
> Scotland
> England and Sweden
back in medieval Europe most missionaries were pilgrims some of the missionaries are Between 500 to 1500 A.D.
St Columba = Converted Scotland into Christian in 563 A.D by proclaiming the gospel.

St Augustine = Converted king Ethelbert of Kent making Christianity the primary religion in England by proclaiming the gospel.

St Ansgar = Introduced Christianity to Sweden in 829 A.D.

St Patrick = proclaimed the gospel to Ireland in 1500 A.D.
How did the roman Empire convert to Christian
How the Roman Empire converted to Christian played a major role on the spread of Christianity. The Roman Empire would be the first in spreading Christianity. It was not until Emperor Constantine took control of Rome in 306 A.D that by 400 A.D Christianity slowly started to spread in the Roman Empire. Constantine was converted to Christian because his mother encouraged him to pray to God so Constantine would win a war this caused the emperor to convert to Christian and so with the his followers. Although Constantine converted the Roman Empire to Christian, there was also the work of Missionaries that did thrust the speed at which Christianity was being spread to.
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