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Inspiring Students to Follow Their Passion

Explore 3 activities, useful to identify your reason for living and connect w/ others - and ignite your passion.

William Johnson

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Inspiring Students to Follow Their Passion

Presenter: William (Bill) Johnson
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Cultivating Confidence and Competence (C3) Conference
Guilford Technical Community College Inspiring Students to
Follow Their Passion Making connections

Learn more about each other in a non-threatening way. Paper Mingle Reflection activity on life

Critical thinking about yourself and your life Kick-Ass Questions About Life... Describes how you want to live your life -
in 140 characters or less. Passionate Living Statement... Disclaimers:

Every student is different.

You never know how you (or someone
else) will impact a student.

Be willing to live with the fact that
they'll get "it" - at some point.

Keep trying - one person at a time! What's always on your mind? What do you think about a lot? What angers you most about the world today? What issues really pisses you off? What positive things do people say about you? What do people think you for most often? Who inspires you? Who would you most like to be like? Who are your heroes, your role models? What do you help with that seems natural or easy for you? What do people come to you for? When you're at your best, what does it look like? What are you amazing at doing (can be work- or life-related)? What are you great at? When do you feel powerful, passionate, free, incredibly useful, excited, and/or inspired? Who do you want to help? Who would you like to inspire? If you had a chance to be known for something special or unique, what would it be? How would you like to be seen, recognized, acknowledged, awarded, or praised - now and/or in the future? Bill Johnson
e-mail - whjohnso@uncg.edu
phone - 336-207-6795
twitter - @thedreamdean1
blog - http://thedreamdean.wordpress.com
web site - http://thedreamdean.com

to get a copy of this presentation:
http://www.prezi.com/user/thedreamdean Contact Information Anyone volunteers to share
their statement? Does your statement truly reflect
how you want to live your life?

What's one thing you could do
to "live" your statement? Three ways to inspire
success in students:

Create connections
Find your "Why"
Define your future Instructions:

Person 1 reads question.
Person 2 answers question.
Person 2 reads question.
Person 1 answers question.
Switch cards when done.
Find another person to share by raising your hand. Instructions:

You will be shown 10 different question.
Take about a minute to write down your thoughts to that question.
Answers for this exercise will be used for next/last exercise . Instructions:

Using your answers from the previous exercise, write a statement that's future focused - how you want to live your life, how you want to help other people, how you want to play every day.
The only stipulation is that you must use no more than 140 characters for your statement - think Twitter. "The Dash"
by Linda Ellis "The quality of your questions determines the quality of your answers and the quality of your answers determine the quality of your life." - Skip Downing
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