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Empathy Map

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Tom Knauer

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Empathy Map

The problem statement encapsulates the need for the stakeholder you will continue working on for next week
Human Resources Manager at a small division of a large global conglomerate who has hired several new graduates
“Some managers resist hiring new grads“
The attitude towards recent grads differs from manager to manager
“There are differences in expectations and we are not always clear”
“They sometimes hear what they want to hear”
“We do not always do a good job of communicating what our company is about”
“Not every company is a Google or Facebook”
“Grads have experience working on teams, but we don’t always work on teams – we do a lot of individual work”
Some new grads are better at taking the initiative than others
Education, culture, sex, personality, age affect willingness to participate/speak out
“We need to get managers to look outside the box”
We need to be more flexible and consider people who don’t meet 100% of the job requirements
New grads offer us a “blank slate” and don't come with biases based on previous employers
We must communicate our expectations more clearly
Are the experiences at Google and Facebook really what people expect?

The recent grad's and employer's expectations do not always align
Many managers are closed minded to people who don't match their concept of a new employee
HR Managers want to change both the hiring manager's and new grad's thinking and expectations
Communications is critical to aligning expectations
The Human Resources Manager
managers and new grads are not in sync
align expectations
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