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Figurative Language in Poetry

Figurative Language in Poetry

Corey Collins

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Figurative Language in Poetry

Poetry Unit Ms. Collins Creating A Mental Image Figurative Language in Poetry Write out your own definition for each of the following types of figurative language:
1) simile
2) metaphor
3) hyperbole
4) personification BW: 12/4/12 language that uses words or expressions with a meaning that is different from the literal interpretation What is figurative language? a comparison between two unlike things using "like" or "as" Simile: Why is figurative language
especially important for poetry? Example:
"My rhymes are like shot clocks,
interstate cops
and blood clots,
my point is your flow gets stopped."
- Talib Kweli on "Hater Players" Metaphor: a comparison between two unlike things without using "like" or "as" Hyberbole extreme exaggeration used for effect Example:
"I fly with the stars in the skies,
I am no longer trying to survive,
I believe that life is a prize,
But to live doesn't mean you're alive."
- Nicki Minaj "Moment for Life"

"Today was a fairytale
You've got a smile that takes me to another planet
Every move you make everything you say is right
Today was a fairytale"
- "Today was a Fairytale" - Taylor Swift
Personification: giving human traits to a non-human object for affect Example:
"It's not the storm before the calm
This is the deep and dyin' breath of
This love we've been workin' on"
- "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" - John Mayer Instructions for groupwork: Students will work in groups of 3 to look through a variety of song lyrics.

Each group will be given a packet of lyrics with a chart and are to identify what types of figurative language are present in that lyric.

Write lyric with figurative lang. in chart
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