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Metro 2033

No description

l o

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Metro 2033

Lily Ounekeo | ATEC 6356 Interactive Narrative | Prof. Adam Brackin | 17 October 2012 | Oil paintings by Anton Grechko - antongrechko.com Brief History of the Metro 2033 Universe - Released online, chapter-by-chapter.

- Attracted an audience.

- Glukhovksy listened to comments, critiques.

- Glukhovsky changed story based on feedback.

- Still available online for free. Metro 2033 Metro 2034 Metro 2035 ? - Released online, like Metro 2033.

- Still available online for free. - "You know, guys, I spent 12 years underground,
I wanna get out."

- The Universe of Metro 2033 is born! - Stalkers

- Mutants

- The Dark Ones

- The Fourth Reich

- Satanists

- Savage Cannibals of the Great Worm Cult

- The First International Red Fighting Brigade of the Moscow Metropolitan in the Name of Ernesto Che Guevara Introduction to Metro 2033 - Dmitry Glukhovsky "It's not a test of are you a good person or a bad person.
It's a test of how open-minded you are." Metro 2033

Metro: Last Light

Metro 2033 Online

Metro 2033 Board Game

Metro 2034 Audio Book


Oil Paintings

End of the Road Comic

Metro 2033 Film

Universe of Metro 2033 4A Games. THQ, 2010.

4A Games. THQ, 2013.


Hobby World, 2011.

Voiced by Alexander Andrienko. Music by Alexander Hunter.


Anton Grechko.

Illustrated by Anton Grechko.

MGM. Dir. Mark Johnson. Screenplay by Scott Frazier.

Several international authors. Metro: Last Light - Live Action Trailer What do we do to ourselves

if we cannot understand

each other? Video Game Adaptation - Metro 2033 From Artyom to Hunter... Example Encounters Music by Dolphin for Metro 2034. Can we rely on

"The One?" What is a life worth living? What is a life worth saving? Soft-spoken Contemplative

Inexperienced Curious

Trusting Sometimes shy

Helpful Hapless

Sensitive Books Artyom - Dmitry Glukhovsky "Somebody asked me if I feel that having my book turned into a video game somehow degrades it.

Bullshit." Fans of Metro 2033 - Keeps the atmosphere, spirit,
and themes of the novel

- Subtle, not overbearing with
"the message"

- Poses questions for
exploration rather than coming to a definite conclusion or

- Expands Artyom while retaining
the integrity of his character

- Not just a first-person
shooter survival horror game Successful Aspects Disappointing Aspects - Simplified story and
characters (with the exception of Artyom)

- Heavy content removed or
glossed over
(ex.: no religious encounters)

- Humor intrinsic to the world
is replaced with more generic
humor (ex.: no rat race) Hunter Unsociable Cynical

Experienced Jaded

Obstinate Bloodthirsty

Self-mutilating Independent

One-man army Flamethrower ... And Back to Artyom Again - Dmitry Glukhovsky "For me, the main character always defines the style." - Dmitry Glukhovsky "People were very curious about that, so I decided it's about time to tell them more." - Dmitry Glukhovsky "If a person is creative, they don't have to adapt something word for word - they can make it their own thing. They need to interpret it." - Dmitry Glukhovsky "Why can't the readers now really become co-creators of this world, not just editors?
The ambition is, of course, to cover the map of the entire world...to have this great, huge network of cross-translatable books." - Roadside Picnic - Strugatsky brothers

- Stalker - Andrei Tarkovsky

- S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - GSC Game World

- Survarium - Vostok Games Pre-existing Fanbase sergeykamen nasheradio - Stories

- Music

- Radio Drama

- Sketches, Drawings, Paintings,
Photo manipulation, Graphics Fan Contribution killjoysch ink-trap NebesnayaRis YoungArtistRising Faces of Artyom CompagnoCube Kumagorochan Feffelini Artyom went insane for a while, then married. Probably not the same person as the character, Artyom Popov. Metro 2034 Further Exploration The Last Refuge More insight from Artyom into the aftermath of Metro 2033, as well as into his childhood when he first encountered a Dark One. The Universe of Metro 2033 Links Easier to read

Accessible to many


Faster-paced Metro 2033 Difficult language


Filled with metaphors, allegories, and philosophical reasoning

Slower-paced Metro 2034 Making Of Metro: Last Light Live Action Trailer Interviews Kawerna Nuclear Bunker Exclusive Spong http://www.kawerna.pl/biblioteka/english-corner/item/3240-interview-with-dmitry-glukhovsky-part-i.html?tmpl=component&print=1 http://www.kawerna.pl/biblioteka/english-corner/item/3309-interview-with-dmitry-glukhovsky-part-ii.html http://spong.com/feature/10110068/Interview-Metro-2033s-Dmitry-Glukhovsky-and-Huw-Beynon Bitmob http://bitmob.com/articles/metro-2033-interview The Books Download The Universe of Metro 2033 Books (Russian) http://m2033.org/book-metro2033/ Read Metro 2033 (Russian) http://www.m-e-t-r-o.ru/Metro-01.htm http://www.metro2033.ru/index.php Metro 2033 Portal Metro 2034 Audiobook (Russian) http://audio-knigi.3dn.ru/load/fantasy/metro_2034/1-1-0-1 The Games http://www.enterthemetro.com/ The Newsauce
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