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UTV-Disney Alliance

No description

Viraj Mehta

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of UTV-Disney Alliance

Walt Disney- UTV Alliance
Critical Facts
Current Strategies
Key Problems
General Environment
Industry Environment
Competitor Analysis
Internal Analysis
SWOT Integration
Strategy Implementation
Critical Factors
Founded on October 16, 1923 by Walt Disney and his brother Roy.
Current Strategies
Business Level Strategy
Fitim Mehmeti
Viraj Mehta

Expand its investment globally and domestically.
Replace lost revenue.
Corporate Level Strategy
Horizontal integration.
Increase presence and market awareness.
Expand to mainstream outlets.
Cooperative Level Strategy
Vertical integration.
Focus on market diversification.
International Level Strategy
Increase global presence.
Establish foundations for long-term growth in emerging markets.
Key Problems
Major threat from national and global competitors
Difficult to maintain leadership in entertainment segment.
Cable and media network business line.
General Environment
Mobile content & Online programming.
Increasing demand for pay-per-view.
Faster access to media and entertainment.
Over 600 million TV viewers in India.
However main product - theme parks and resorts competing in a highly saturated environment.
Disney's growing international presence.
Higher international box-office sales than domestic.
Growth opportunity in emerging markets.
Industry Environment
Threat of New Entrants

Rivalry among Competitors
Conglomerates are already competing against UTV-Disney
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Being able to order large volumes of unique products creates a dependency relationship between conglomerates like UTV-Disney and suppliers
Bargaining Power of Buyers
Majority of product mixes from Disney focus on intangible returns of the buyers money
Threat of Substitutes
There are very few direct product substitutes, since the industries are all consumer discretionary, there are many substitutes that fight for the dollar in the consumer’s wallet.
There is some substitutes for the types of channels that cable providers can choose to purchase from the cable network suppliers
Competitor Analysis
Dealt with competition through acquisitions.
Acquired rights to broadcast world sports event.
UTV distributes television and films across 27 channels in over 20 countries
Internal Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
HR (Superior) - Hire the most experienced, creative and talented staff.
Supply Chain (Superior) - Strategic sourcing with suppliers to develop and maintain a mutually beneficially relationship
Operations (Superior) - Use of the of highly developed technology and creativity during all stages of product development
Financial Ratios
NBC Universal
Core Competencies (VRIN)
SWOT Integration
Brand reputation
Competency in acquisitions
Heavy dependence on North America.
Growth of paid TV in emerging economies.
Expansion of movie production to new countries.
Increasing piracy.
Growth of online TV and movie rentals.
Strategy Formulation
Continue to expand and develop internationally.
Strong product portfolio
Localization of products
Few opportunities for significant growth through acquisitions in the US; due to Govt. Regulations and Anti-trust laws
Intense competition:
news and TV go online and new competitors with new business models compete more successfully than incumbent media companies.
A line of Children's learning software can also be very successful. Focusing on emerging trends with computing and internet to find success with kids.
Strategy Implementation
Further development into the TV arena can be done by placing a priority on R&D

Better Tech > More efficiency in competition

Children's learning can be implemented by acquiring existent company known as The Learning Company
High capital required to enter industry
UTV Disney production scale allows leverage over many suppliers
Time Warner
News Corp.
NBC Universal
After years of failure, created Mickey Mouse.
Currently one of the largest corporations in the world with approx. 166,000 employees and nearly $45 billion in revenue.
UTV Software Communications was founded in 1990 as a private limited company.
India's first integrated and global media company.
Disney initially acquired a 15% stake in 2006 for $15 million.
Stake was later upped to 50.44 % in 2011 and then completely acquired by Disney in 2013 for $454 million.
Customers do not realize they are getting any return.
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