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No description

Casey Dentremont

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of GenderWorld

GenderWorld : A gender exploration theme park for the people of Gethen
Theater Performances
Gethenians will sit and enjoy a full live theater experience put on by Gethenian actors taking on gender roles. Some offerings will include
Romeo & Juliet
Madame Butterfly
Through these performances, Gethenians can see just one of the many unique ways gender played a major part in human life and influenced art all over their world.
GenderWorld visitors will have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of gender through cinematic works from Earth, which will detail to them the numerous, and often confusing, facets of a born and static gender.
Movie-goers can look for hits that describe life as a man, such as
A Fistful of Dollars
Band of Brothers
Those curious about the ladies can take in such films as
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Bridget Jones's Diary
, and
Erin Brokovich
For a look a the confusion that often arose in the human understanding of gender, GenderWorld will run a monthly special feature to include such hits at
Ma Vie En Rose, Tootsie
Three Men and a Baby.
Museum of Gender
Gethenians can come view GenderWorld's collection of art and historical artifacts from throughout Earth's history to deepen their understanding of the rich tapestry of the static-gender life lived by the human race.
Interactive Displays
Visit ManTown and have your photo taken in a tuxedo! Try your hand at jobs traditionally done by human men, such as driving our freight truck simulator!
After, stop by LadyLand to see how the other half lived. Explore the human arts of Cheerleading and ballet, and watch as your friends attempt to get bound into an authentic corset by our GenderWorld professionals.
The Man Cave
Come relax in our authentic Man Cave! Drink beer from a can, play the human game of darts, and view sporting events such as baseball and two popular forms of football adored by men all over Planet Earth. Try your hand at billiards or even human videogames, or just recline on our oversized leather chairs and sofas.
Snacks and refreshments provided in the Man Cave will be served by Gethenian actors who receive special training as the most desirable women in Earth's history, to provide the most true-to-history Manly experience!
The Man Cave is available for private parties! Speak to our GenderWorld staff about renting the Man Cave for your next manly get-together!


Man Up! Or act like a lady! You choose, at GenderWorld!
An indoor theme park devoted to the exploration of the lives of the gendered human species of Planet Earth.
Gethenians arriving during kemmer are eligible for a free movie pass to a film celebrating their current sex!
Visit our authentic Japanese
for an afternoon of traditional dance, tea, and banter with specially trained Geisha.
It's sure to be an unforgettable experience!
Visit the Digital Funhouse! Step in front of the mirror and see yourself rendered by advanced software as a human man or woman.
Exhibits include Gender-Targeted Advertising, Feminism Through History, Men and War, and Weddings From Around the World.
Pigtails and Polliwogs Park
Children will have the opportunity to learn about the unique experiences of young humans, where gender differences are apparent from birth! Play with toys such as Action Figures and Barbie dolls, and try activities such as Little League and Beauty Pageants.
Presentation by Casey D'Entremont and Diane Dexter, Group B
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