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Copy of Pro-Airplane

No description

angel larizza

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Pro-Airplane

hey Hayley can I do the theories of flight part of history?
How Do the Wings of an Airplane Help It Fly
The Engine
Two popular answers

Wings help airplanes fly using physics
through fluid mechanics

What is "lift"?

Downwash and upwash
Situation Analysis

Stakeholder: City of Toronto (Toronto City Council):
Objective 2
Stakeholder: Transport Canada & TPA

Objective 3
Stakeholder: Toronto Island Residents
Evaluation and Monitoring
What are our next steps ?
Porter’s top priority is to increase the main airport runway by extending it 200 meters over the water on both the east and west sides, which would represent a 33-per-cent increase.

The tripartite agreement lays out regulations and restrictions intended to govern Billy Bishop Airport until 2033

The stakeholders involved within the tripartite agreement include Transport Canada, Toronto Port Authority and the City of Toronto. In order for a change in the tripartite agreement, all three stakeholders would have to agree on all negotiated changes. Before a change can be made an impact assessment must be completed.

Obtain written or stated acknowledgment from at least nine of the 16 undecided City Council members to vote in favour of either amending the tripartite agreement to allow for Porter’s planned expansion of BBTCA if an amendment is necessary.

Public good
Focus on economic expansion of benefit

Tripartite Signatories
Transport Canada
Toronto Port Authority
City of Toronto

Porter Airlines
Billy Bishop Toronto Airport
Norm Kelly and Michael Thomson
Toronto Island Residents
Olivia Chow
Adam Vaughn
Obtain support of Transport Canada and Toronto Port Authority that the CS-100 planes, or potential alternate jet engine planes, will not require an amendment to the tripartite agreement as they meet the noise limit requirement.
Statistical information
CS-100 jets
Engagement with TPA and Transport Canada
Work with Bombardier to obtain consistent updates on testing data
Objective 1


Research and Focus Groups
As current public opinion is heavily in favour of opposition, public opinion for supporters of expansion should be increased to at least 60% for both residents of Toronto and the Island within a six month time frame to limit the effectieveness of the opposition movement.


Reputation Management
Focus on clarifying misleading information from opposition
Tripartite Stakeholders

Porter Airlines is committed to ensuring that accurate information and statistical data is disseminated to the appropriate publics. Porter is committed to working with Transport Canada, the Toronto Port Authority and the City of Toronto to ensure that Toronto’s best interests remain our top priority.

Non- Tripartite Stakeholders


Porter Airlines is committed to ensuring that the planned expansion of the BBTCA is achieved, thereby providing the city of Toronto with greater alternatives for air travel at highly competitive rates. Porter has placed the success of this campaign as a top priority for our company, and consistently has our customers’ best interests in mind.


Porter Airlines is committed to providing accurate information regarding the impact an expansion of the BBTCA will have on the City of Toronto and Toronto Island. We are determined to fundamentally disprove the misleading information disseminated by opposing stakeholders to ensure that the City of Toronto is able to benefit from the expansion of BBTCA.
Tracking Porters reputation and public perception
Media scans
Resident feedback

Tripartite Agreement stakeholder monitoring
Release of press and media releases
Meeting with key individuals in each organization

Key Messaging


Advertisements and publicity campaigns
Active engagement with Toronto Island residents; PIC
Continue to work with the City Councils before the 2015 vote.
Work with Third Party group to gain more support.
Work with Bombardier to extend the deadline to purchase jets.
1. Situation Analysis
2. Stakeholders
3. Key Messaging
4. Objectives and Tactics
5. Evaluation and Monitoring
6. What Are Our Next Step
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