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What Do You Do?

An ESL lesson looking an professions and work-related duties.

Dan Mahony

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of What Do You Do?

RESUMES REFERENCES What do you do? Jobs and Duties Duties We can call the things we do in our jobs our duties. No Job? If someone does not have a job, we say they are unemployed. He is... / She is... / They are...
I want to be... a nurse a shop
assistant a builder a farmer a waiter
a waitress a technician police officers a mechanic an operator a chef a plumber a secretary electricians a gardener a firefighter What does that involve? looks after patients serves customers
operates a till operates machinery plants seeds
picks fruit and vegetables
looks after animals serves food and drinks
takes orders
prepares tables prepares food repairs cars fights crime
serves the public repairs computers and equipment takes calls
makes calls
takes messages repairs electrical equipment plants seeds
looks after plants fights fires repairs pipes He... He... He... She... He... He... She... He... He... She... She... She... She... She... She... fight

look after

repair verbs crime, fires

animals, patients, plants

cars, electrical equipment, pipes, computers fight
look after
make serve
prepare takes calls
makes calls take


serve operate



prepare calls, messages, orders


food, drinks, the public
customers machinery, a till

fruit, vegetables


tables, food fight

look after

repair take


serve operate



prepare verbs
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